August 22:  New pictures from our deck as the winds shift our way from the South to the North:DSC_0005 DSC_0007

My mother and I drove down a few miles towards Loomis Road. Here is what we saw… DSC_0117 DSC_0119

Red flames just beyond the hills. DSC_0120 DSC_0121

We’re about 6 miles from our home taking these pictures. All highways are shut down around us. My mother was supposed to go back to the Spokane Airport on Wednesday but it looks like she’ll be staying with us for a while:

Good firemap information here: Sometimes the map doesn’t load.


Here’s a picture of the smoke rising up from the fire many miles away South of Tonasket. We are up several hundred feet from Tonasket and surrounded by mountainous hills so to see this even from our home is quite significant. I will take a drive and take additional pictures to add to this later. Last night the view portrayed an eerie color of orange. We felt so bad for the people down South as we heard the winds pick up.   : (


Smoke from our backyard view. This was a couple of days ago… It was worst yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Pictures

    • Well, somewhat. Fine in the house but outdoors is pretty thick. I just got some free masks yesterday and they are really of good quality. I can’t believe the health clinic gives away such good quality masks. : ) We can’t run the air conditioner or the smoke comes in. Thank God it’s been pretty cool outside. Winds are going to really pick up today though…

  1. I somehow missed this update. I’ve been thinking about y’all and praying and hoping you are ok. I’ve heard online it’s really bad out that direction. Please update when you can but know you are in our prayers!

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