Pictures From the Birth (C-Section)

Here are the pictures that the nurse sent me from the birth.002

Dad waiting for the procedure to begin. Mom was already put under. 003

Remember from the birth story that dad was holding my hand here and praying. I squeezed his hand firmly while under anesthesia.


Our baby boy just born. Still with vernix all over him. Maybe he would have come out cleaner if he had been pushed out the normal way. 005 006 009 010 016

The sweetest picture.  : ) 017

Another sweet picture. I don’t post blurry pictures often but I couldn’t miss this one. 020

2 thoughts on “Pictures From the Birth (C-Section)

  1. Oh my! So THAT is how it looks to others! LOL! During my Csection I was soooooooo afraid and now I have very odd memories of the whole thing. When Isaiah cried I asked “Is he crying because he is alive? or because he is dying?” My heart raced through the whole procedure. Surgery and I don’t do well! Of course you more than anybody can understand that! ((((HUGS))))

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