Update: 7/31 – 11:00AM:  Matthew will be coming home tomorrow. However, we aren’t out of the woods yet. We will be waiting for 2-3 days or so for the results of the lab to come back. They need to culture his blood to see if he has a bacterial infection in his blood. This is the hard part because if he has it in his blood it could take weeks or months of him being in the hospital 4 hours from home in order to treat it. It can be fatal too. Here’s an article I found recently about his condition:


He has cellulitus too:



Update 7:20PM: Apparently what my husband has, if treatment was delayed further it would have gone into his lymph nodes, then the organs.  It’s not the reaction to the sting, it is something that got into it that caused this. They are still awaiting labs to see if he has the infection in his blood.

Matthew is going to be hospitalized for 1-2 days with an IV with steroids, antibiotics and an antihystamine. He had a CAT scan on his arm and he has a severe infection and inflammation. They shared that another day would have been too late and he would have required surgery in Wenatchee on his hand and arm. When they took his shirt off, he had red/purple lines going from his hand all the way up to his shoulder from the infection. He has watery blisters and the colors of yellow and purple on his hand and arm. Thank God he is going to be okay.

I had Hannah make the toddlers sandwiches and she is more than willing to help. I had to increase my medication (after talking to the doctor again) as my blood pressure still is too high. Somehow we’ll get through these next couple of days. At least I have medication and kids that are old enough to help.

The doctor treating my husband couldn’t understand why he didn’t come in sooner. She soon realized while talking to me on the phone that she treated me two days ago in the Emergency Room and that he’s been taking care of the family and me. He could have gone in yesterday but I had an appointment with my regular doctor regarding my blood pressure.

Anyways, all is crazy here but all is going to be okay. I’ve been in tears of course but I’m trying to see the best in all of this. Thank God they don’t have to do surgery on my husband and he won’t lose his hand. Thank God I have some medication for my blood pressure and some older kids to help. Let’s keep praying though… maybe all of this will be behind us very soon.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Appreciate the newest update Hadassah. God bless your children for helping out at home to take care of Mommy and new Baby Benjamin. You and Matthew are strong people with deep faith. May God shower His blessings and healing graces over both of you! Hugs and love….

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