Postpartum Hypertension

I’ve been diagnosed with Postpartum Hypertension. The doctor explained that because I didn’t lose hardly any blood with my c-section, I am still carrying all this pregnancy blood while my body is going back to normal. I took my blood pressure 2 days ago and it was 167/92. It went up to 208/118 so I was referred to the emergency room where they did an EKG, blood work, urine for protein, etc…. All results were fine. No eclampsia – Thank God. They gave me something in the IV to lower my blood pressure and make me lose the excess water. I then saw Dr. Bradford yesterday and it was up to 200/100 again. I am now on Labatalol for 14 days and strict bed rest (so I will lose more fluid) until Monday. The medicine is a beta blocker and makes my mind feel a bit numb and tired. Since I need to stay in bed, I may not be able to be online much other than writing family occasionally. Thank God, I took my blood pressure the other day just on a whim or I could have had a stroke. I have had severe swelling in my legs for a week so I’m sure it’s been with me for a while. I’ve had lots to think about these past 2 days. I so value my life more now than ever (family and friends) and hope the Lord will keep me here for some time.   : )

I’ll catch up on pictures soon enough….

2 thoughts on “Postpartum Hypertension

  1. Bless your heart my dear friend. I will be praying for you. Take advantage of the prescribed rest and truly try to rest and regain your strength and health. You will be well, up and very busy soon enough. Love and blessings!

  2. Thank God you took your bp! So glad you were able to get in and taken care of. Take good care of yourself and get good rest. We’ll be praying for you!

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