5 thoughts on “First Day Home

  1. He is just beautiful! We have been thinking of you and your family all day every day. Praying for you… and Antonio asks if I had heard anything about how things were going regularly. So glad all is well and you are home. God is so good! I am just so happy and grateful how God spared yours and Benjamin’s life from rupture. I have a close friend who had that happen. God truly had his mighty hands protecting you both. His timing is perfect. I pray you can get some rest. He is so sweet!

  2. I can’t believe my Isaiah was ever that small! LOL! 11 years have flown by so fast. You’ll see as you are older- it feels like you put him down to nap and when you get him up he’s a month older. Time goes too fast! He will be incredibly LOVED by you all! (((HUGS)))

  3. I so agree with you Elizabeth. : ) We were already “older” when we started with Elisabeth at 36 and 46. Each child it seems the first week is a shock to us and we know the first month is even more shocking. We were just sharing this morning that when he is Elisabeth’s age, she will be getting ready to get married. : ( Time goes by faster the older we get. I don’t want him to grow past his age. I wish I could keep him as a newborn to 2 months old forever. : ) Thank you for your loving comments.

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