Tomorrow Is the Day!

Well, tomorrow is the big day. We are scheduled for a c-section at 1:00 Pacific time. I am nervous because when I had my first c-section in 2006 the spinal didn’t take. I felt EVERYTHING and they wouldn’t put me under for the sake of the baby. I still have bad dreams on occasion because of what both my husband and I went through. Since then, I have demanded to be put under and they can see why my determination as they wheel me into the surgery room and I start to shake horribly from fear. My doctor wants me to have a spinal and give me something that will make me so relaxed and out of it that I won’t remember much until after the baby is born. Then the anesthesiologist will back off on the medicine so I can enjoy the baby. I told him I would be willing to try with the promise that if the spinal doesn’t work that he would have me put out immediately. So, we have an agreement and I can’t ask for much more than that other than prayer.

Last week the doctor shared that they may need to do a hysterectomy due to all the babies I’ve had. There is always new scar tissue in the uterus with a new placenta from each baby. I have had troubles with bleeding excessively in the past after birth so this we have been thinking about throughout the past week too. We are okay with it though as my husband did pray that by faith we’d have 8 children together.

On a good note, we are excited. The kids are excited. We can’t stop thinking and talking about Benjamin. We are in joy that he has made it this far and it looks like we will meet him tomorrow. This is the joy that comes at the end.

Anyways, prayers are appreciated. I’m sure all will be just fine! I have never taken a computer to the hospital before but think I will tomorrow so I can share pictures back home as the kids won’t be able to come with dad until the next day to see Benjamin. Also to share with family. I’ll try to put up one picture on the blog sometime after he is born and write later after I get home.   : )

10 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is the Day!

  1. Yay!! May God watch over both of you! I hope you do not need a hysterectomy, as the recovery is longer. If you do, to preserve your life, thank God that you have a good surgeon! With my c-section, in 2012, I had a lot of fear. The anesthesiologist was very comforting. Please let him/her know that you are fearful. They will help you. Good luck, I will be praying!!

  2. I am praying! I have been praying! I am so excited! I had an endoscopy once and the anesthesia did not take. It was horrible. But I think your csection was much worse, they were only “snipping” inside near my gallbladder for me. It was painful and they yelled at me to hold still a lot! I’m so sorry you went through that. My only csection with the spinal block went well, and I was frightened enough! I can see why you’d shake!
    Oh the joy Benjamin brings even to my heart! God IS Good!

  3. I just came on with you so heavy on my heart today. I am so so happy today is your big day! Pray for you and your whole family today. I can’t wait to “meet” him…wow still weird to say him 🙂

  4. I just wanted you to know that I’ve been praying and will keep on praying for you and Benjamin! I am also praying that God would give your doctor the wisdom to know what needs done regarding the possibility of a hysterectomy. I am just so excited to see a picture of your lovely self with that precious new son in your arms!!

  5. Thinking of you and baby Benjamin today, dear Hadassah. Praying for a safe delivery and wisdom for your doctor. May God give you His peace! Marcella…

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