Happy Birthday Pup!

Happy 9th Birthday Elisabeth!!!DSC_0058

Elisabeth just celebrated her 9th Birthday. My how the time has gone by…. She wanted a cake with fresh raspberries from our garden and whipped cream for the topping. It wasn’t too hard to oblige.  : )


And the best part… Grandma Pam sent her a musical box with a bookmark and some Jesus pins. Here she is talking to grandma on the phone. All smiles… and lots of curious company.

DSC_0054 DSC_0047

We have a hothouse in which sometimes butterflies or hummingbirds will find themselves in there and cannot get out. We often find them when it’s too late. Hannah wanted to keep the dried out Monarch butterflies. She thinks they are pretty.


She went downstairs to her room where she kept a bouquet of dried flowers that she picked and made a little arrangement with the butterflies.


Here is a bird she rescued from the hothouse. Hannah is a animal, farm and nature loving girl. She always follows daddy to the garden to help while others stay behind and play.


Daddy’s garden…DSC_0035

Lots and lots of raspberries this year. Our neighbors gave us some starters last year and we got a bowl of them. This year we got many, many bags of them.

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