Thirty-Two Week Appointment

I don’t have a camera available right now as my charger isn’t working or I’d share a new picture of Benjamin in my first 4D ultrasound. Hopefully the charger that I ordered will work as I already tried replacing the battery.

The ultrasound tech shared that my placenta looks fine. She doesn’t see any signs of aging… so who knows? I trust her expertise and experience with ultrasounds so I feel good about the news. Also, Benjamin is 4 lbs 12 ounces already. He’s the same size Anna (one of the twins) was when born at 33 1/2 weeks. I am measuring ahead by 2 weeks too. I don’t know if that’s from measuring the baby or what. I’ll ask at the next appointment.

All is looking well. I will now have appointments twice a week. My time to finish some things is starting to feel cramped. This is becoming more real to me and I am getting nervous as I always do. I’ll share more pictures when I get my camera figured out. Obviously I do not want to be without a camera when he is born. Have a good weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “Thirty-Two Week Appointment

  1. Hope you have a good (and restful) weekend too, dear friend. So happy that all seems well.
    Blessings to all, Sofia xx

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