Thirty Weeks


This picture was taken around 30 weeks. We’re coming up on 31 already. Benjamin seems to grow everyday… our neighbor about a month ago thought I was having twins. So, I don’t think he’s having too many issues with his growth at this point.  : )

I am “feeling” 45 though. My body feels like I’m closer to 36+ weeks along rather than 30. Everything hurts. To get up from the chair feels like when you get out of the pool after a few hours… so heavy, but stiff and painful. My bones hurt way more, especially my lower back as the sacroiliac joint pain has flared up again and seems quite exasperated this time! If my weight isn’t distributed on both feet perfectly, I have pain back there. I’ve been quite breathless for some time already. The first time I started feeling it, I worried about my heart. Now I know why the Lord cuts off child bearing age around now… I shouldn’t be wondering if I’m having a heart problem when it’s a pregnancy symptom.  : )

But, I am blessed that we have another son on the way. I have one full month left (June), to prepare for him. I’ve picked up my knitting again to finish his blanket. I have less than a skein left. I pulled out Matthew’s little baby clothes and washed them all. We’ve set up the bassinet, have a pack of diapers on the way from Amazon and now I’m trying to figure out how to have my husband at the hospital with me or how they will even visit. We still aren’t connected to people out here so it’s a very hard dilemma as I like to have everything prepared.

My first c-section the spinal didn’t take so I felt everything. It was horrible. Since then with the other c-sections, I’ve had to fight a room full of people that I need a general (being put out) as I just cannot take the thought of chancing going through such a thing again. It’s a very hard thing to do when I feel so vulnerable at the time with strangers all around me. So, I’m hoping somehow Matthew can be there to “fight” for me. He was witness to what happened in 2006 so it would be so nice to have him there for me!  : )

I have my second non-stress test on Thursday and at 32 weeks on it will be twice a week. It’s a one hour drive one way to the hospital for the appointment. The hospital is very small, the smallest hospital I’ve ever been in. Anyways, they will do weekly ultrasounds then too. So, I do believe they are trying to keep tabs on everything. I’m curious as to how my placenta looks as I don’t think it’s been looked at since the discovery of the calcium on it. I’ll update as we go along. We’re just praying for a healthy baby. I know in one way or another all will work out as it always does and hopefully Benjamin will be home with us in 6 or 7 weeks or so.   : )  He has the hiccups right now. Silly boy!


8 thoughts on “Thirty Weeks

  1. Wow! You do look big. I had been 230 when I got pg with Isaiah. (I had never been that heavy carrying a baby!) I only gained 4 pounds, after first losing 10 pounds on the gestational diabetes diet. I looked more evenly “round” in my mid section , I did not carry him out in front much! At 47 I too was super uncomfortable. I was so tired I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat!!

    I remembered seeing a mom on TV who had quadruplets at 50 and she said she had no aches and pains and it was so easy for her to care for the babies. I said to myself that she was lying because there is no way a woman can be that old or as old as I was and not have incredible physical stress from pregnancy!!!

    I didn’t know heart issues were a symptom of pregnancy! My heart raced a lot with Isaiah. Once the Endocrinologist (for my gestational diabetes) had me rushed by wheel chair to my OB (in the same building) when I fainted from it. Only one nurse could ever count my heart rate it was so high!
    I never worried. I knew God was in control. But I did wonder why He was sending me a baby! LOL!! Now that he’s 11 I tell him everyday that I know why God sent him!

    • I think as we get older, the hormone relaxin that is released to help soften up joints and such for the upcoming birth, don’t do us older moms as well. Too bad my body doesn’t know it’s going to have a c-section, I think my aches would be to a minimum. : ) I still can’t believe you had your last at 47. My doctor who delivered his first in 1983 shared that he only had one patient in all his years of practice who had a baby at 47. You were truly blessed with Isaiah.
      : )

      • Yes! You just reminded me! My joints had loosened to the point that it was frightening! LOL!! No more getting up and walking without a thought! If I did not concentrate on each step my knees, hips, everything went the wrong way- OUCH!!
        I did not plan for an emergency c section, I really really tried to give birth to him naturally. But it was too risky for us both.
        And to think my birth kids were 28,25 and 23 when he was born! God is so GOOD! I didn’t even think I needed a baby! God always knows best!

  2. You are positively glowing! What a lovely picture of feminine beauty as you treasure your precious son these last few weeks. We are getting so excited for you all!

  3. You look lovely 🙂 I always enjoy seeing photos of you and the the kids. I will be praying about all your concerns! TaKe care!

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