A Kitty and Grandma and Tools

Just a few pictures to share… DSC_0019Just a sweet picture of you two again! DSC_0017Our new kitty! Our last kitty we lost a couple of month ago because a stray dog came around. Instead of shoeing him off right away as we should have, we were nice to him but at the expense of the cat we so loved. Though the dog is gone, we’ve never seen our cats since. We got this one local. He’s a big lover who wants his tummy rubbed all the day long. DSC_0006Something special. Grandma Pam sent the kids some stickers and their own candy bar. They have never had their own candy bar before… we usually buy donuts or something cheap and easy to share so this was a real treat. More special I think was them just receiving something in the mail. I think they’ll really be “spoiled” when grandma comes to visit after baby Benjamin is born.  : ) DSC_0007Just a little excited from the gifts from grandma.  DSC_0011Off to play with their new stickers. DSC_0012   Leah actually picked the boy stickers – the cars. : ) She’s making roads to put them on. DSC_0003

I read a book recently that shared not to buy them toys so much but real things to play and learn from (tools, microscopes, musical instruments, etc…). I liked the idea and bought Matthew a tool kit from Walmart. He loves it and uses it all the time now. He puts boards and sticks together in the yard. He makes crosses from branches and brings them in to us. He helped daddy make something for his bees the other day the required a frame. DSC_0001Busy bees….   : )


4 thoughts on “A Kitty and Grandma and Tools

  1. Cute!! What a nice surprise from Grandma! It’s interesting because my boys with Down Syndrome need toys to learn to play to learn to use imagination. They don’t have interests in things as being useful per say.And I did buy the other kids without special needs toys when they were younger- up to about age 10. But now I too find buying them useful things or experiment kits for homeschool hold their interests much more and they don’t out grow them. Like my Isaiah and the camera! Next he wants to put a keyless lock on my bedroom back door. I bought it years ago and Tom has no interest in helping put it in. So I’m going to let Isaiah!
    (catching up on blogs :o)

    • I can’t help but wonder what this keyless lock looks like. Maybe it has numbers or something? I am trying to keep things quiet but am thinking of getting a camera for the girls with their combined birthday money in July and August. Now your comment about Isaiah is giving me more of a push towards just that. : )

  2. What a wonderful treat! Stickers and candy!!! I agree with giving the children toys that apply to life when possible. Some of our special needs children are just drawn to either music toys or toys that light up. 🙂 Love Matthews tools!

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