Embarrassing Moment

Update:  Apparently the doctor did look at the placenta and he wants me to start on baby aspirin to keep the blood flow good for baby. I am going to start non-stress tests in 2 weeks locally so I won’t have to drive 1 hour one way (30 minutes one way). I still don’t know if he measured the baby but all seems well…  : )

I went to my appointment yesterday morning with the 1 hour glucose test on my mind, the wanting to get checked for anemia once more as I’m out of breath earlier than normal and what I needed to do afterwards in town. I took my glucose drink upon arrival and the doctor’s assistant called me back. Getting a little closer to the hour to have my blood drawn and I still hadn’t seen the doctor, he came in. Immediately and happily he shared about a phone call and something about a 74 year old patient of his who he discovered doesn’t have ovarian cancer but something due to her liver that another medical facility failed to disclose to him. He put me on the table to do the ultrasound and then his phone rang…. He was gone and I was looking at the clock as I had 15 minutes or so to get my blood drawn. I did not want to drink the glucose again so I was determined to wipe the gel off my belly and tell the front desk if he didn’t come back in so many minutes.

The doctor came back and I shared about the glucose test and the timing of the clock.He said ten minutes late wouldn’t make a difference. I spoke about being out of breath and he shared,”Well, you haven’t been pregnant at 45 years of age either.” I thought that was cute. He looked at Benjamin for 1-2 minutes sharing that his stomach looked normal and how with down syndrome they have a variation with their stomach and had me out the door. I didn’t realize until I got home later in the rush of things that I had completely forgotten that he was supposed to look at the growth of baby Benjamin and the calcium on the placenta. How I could forget something like that when I have thought of it several times a day for the past 3 weeks is beyond me. Maybe the rush of everything once again or the complete absentmindedness/forgetfulness that we get in later pregnancy. Oh, it kept me up last night. I lost 3 hours of sleep. I felt so bad and a bit upset that I was whisked in and out so quickly again. Poor husband woke to me crying last night and comforted me as he always does (pregnancy brings out the tears a bit more too).

So, I called and left a message this morning with the doctor’s assistant explaining the situation. I will try to get in next week. I’m still awaiting her call so I’ll call her before the day is done. I know the doctor completely forgot too as he seemed elated at the discovery at his patient (that he probably wasn’t supposed to disclose to me) and he set up my next appointment for 4 weeks out. This one had been for 3 to check for growth. I’m sure he’s going to feel pretty bad and stupid on his part. I know these things happen. He has a lot of patients. I’ll just have to keep a list of anything I wish to discuss with him and tell him that I need more time as this isn’t the first 5 minute visit.

There’s my absentminded thinking that strikes me in pregnancy. I know many other women go through the same things… I don’t know what it is but it’s embarrassing. Especially when it’s something important that you think of day in day out.  Poor Benjamin, you don’t know a thing in your nice, comfy place and that’s good. I’m sure your growth is just fine as I look 33 weeks along, not 28!  : )  See you soon sweet boy!

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