Another Soul In Heaven

Dan Small

Our friends Bob and Brenda whom we haven’t seen in over 2 years contacted us about a year ago about this family that they are friends with… Dan and Rebecca Small. He had a condition in that he had 3 months to live. I felt led to call Rebecca last year and was so glad that I did as she was so receiving of a stranger calling her who cared. She warmed up to me quickly and we talked for a long time. We spoke a few other times and disclosed other trials and such and found that we both had a lot in common  Matthew contacted Dan as well and they spoke on the phone and e-mailed on occasion. Dan had a website also for some Bible stories for kids that he had made so our kids read them with dad at night for a time. Last they spoke, Matthew and Dan were going to critique each other’s websites.

Six months ago or so Dan e-mailed everyone to let them know that he felt the Lord had healed him. He was a little hesitant to but was so filled with joy that he couldn’t hold back. He was feeling much better. We didn’t hear much about his condition as he was feeling better. He and his wife went down South somewhere to where their daughter was in a National Scripture memorizing type contest. They also drove a day’s drive to Yakima, WA from Brinnon, WA as he was to preach on Easter Sunday at a church there.

We just received news this morning from our friend that he passed. The above picture was taken a couple years ago just before his illness. Please pray for his dear wife and children as I know they are all hurting and missing him so much. She wrote to share that he had a peaceful day but suffered through the night with breathing. His last words to her was, “Peace. Peace I leave with you.” What beautiful words to leave with her. He wants her to be in peace about his death. He loved the Lord and was more than happy to go though he wanted to be here for his family.

2 thoughts on “Another Soul In Heaven

  1. Oh life just passes so quickly doesn’t it. We just never know when. I’m so glad he was able to say good bye. I’m glad he had a period of feeling well! I read this a while back and I have been and will continue praying. The loss of a godly man is overwhelming.
    (((HUGS))) What a blessing and legacy he left.

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