New Books

We received a box full of books from my aunt Karen and her granddaughter Sydney. The kids were so looking forward to the special box so when it arrived I had them all sit on the couch and wait while I brought in the books.

DSC_0021Waiting for something… Nobody looks too interested here, especially Matthew to the left.

DSC_0024Look at Matthew sauntering over to pick out a book for himself. He has a little grin.

DSC_0037Everybody is happy. Plenty to choose from. Thankfully, the littles do really good with books now. DSC_0043Hannah was drawn to the magnetic book of the zoo.  DSC_0031Leah is the color-er in the family so of course she was drawn to the coloring book. DSC_0040Thank you for the special gift. They read off and on for two straight days! Mom and dad kind of got a break as the kids were content with something new.  : )

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