The Beginning of Spring

Well, I’ll have to split this post. If I put up too many pictures it bombs out on me.  : (  DSC_0114   Here is a pizza that I let Elisabeth top with all of the toppings all by herself. It was the best pizza that Mathew and I had ever had. Usually I put Italian wine salami on it but I didn’t have any this time I used a sandwich type salami that was slightly smoked. It made the pizza taste so Italian! Elisabeth had fun putting the toppings on this. DSC_0074 The twins room. What they did – They pulled the carpet up (Miriam started it for them last year) and would pull pieces of padding out and strew it all over their room. When I went to get them up from their nap one day and could barely open the door due to it being pulled back, I knew it was time for daddy to fix the room. We decided to use the same paint as we used in the kitchen and since the room is downstairs, part of the basement, daddy is putting in a light colored tile. Now they won’t be able to tear it up though they are now tearing up the old carpet in the adjoining room that they are in now that we’ll be fixing as well when this one is done. I hope if I put a rug in their new room that we’ll be able to get them out! DSC_0072 Elisabeth helping daddy paint. Wearing daddy’s shirt. DSC_0057 Hannah and Elisabeth making boats for their little duckies. DSC_0053  DSC_0003 Assembling the trampoline on a nice, warm day. DSC_0019 Having fun. DSC_0002 Beautiful day. They have their own sandbox here. We’ll be fishing soon…

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Spring

  1. The weather there looks wonderful. It has been very nice here lately as well. We had a trampoline for a long while. They will love it. You are so blessed to have the beach area for them. So beautiful! Some great projects going on with the rooms remodeling. I love repainting and new flooring. It will be so easy to care for and such a lovely, bright, cheerful color! I pray all is well with you all. Blessings!

  2. The shore looks so beautiful!! At our lake property it drops off 2 feet and only 1 small area is a foot of drop. Good job Elisabeth on your pizza! Sounds delicious! My kids help cook a lot too!

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