Tabitha and Anna

I have a few pictures of the twins from last month:DSC_0108

The both decided to move the chair and the footstool over to the glass slider door. I thought they looked cute together so I had to take a couple of pictures. DSC_0104  DSC_0102

Tabitha is on the left, Anna on the right. Tabitha who was the smallest preemie is actually a tad bit taller than her sister Anna now. DSC_0063

Tabitha coloring intently….DSC_0042  DSC_0026

Tabitha and her messy head. I can’t keep their hair decent for more than 30 minutes.


Anna and TabithaDSC_0021

Mommys’ homemade bread. I can’t remember what kind of bread it was now but it was so good… tons of eggs and butter in it. We slathered butter and honey on it. Now we’re back to eating healthy again.  : )


Tabitha again with a different look/expression I haven’t seen. DSC_0031

Little Anna with the kitty


Anna and Tabitha. What are you going to think when I bring home a brother to you one day soon?


7 thoughts on “Tabitha and Anna

  1. Oh so very sweet! I love seeing all your photos of the children. The twins are so precious! We had an extra foster baby for the day and I wondered if baby “K” would be jealous. She actually did very well. I was using it for a test in case we get another soon! Blessings!

  2. Your children are so, so beautiful!! I love seeing your pictures. The twins have grown so quickly! Where does the time go? Praying the new little one you are carrying is bringing you tons of joy even already. How exciting! Another boy!

    • Thank you so much Mary! Yes, I don’t know where the time goes either. I’m trying to remember if the twins were here when you paid us a visit. I still LOVE the wind Chimes you and Tom brought over to us. They are me and Matthew’s favorite! I’ll always treasure them. Anyways, thank you for the blessings. : )

    • Actually, we bottle fed the twins. They were in the hospital for 19 days as they were born at 33 weeks. They did receive donated breast milk then but I was exhausted from moving across the states and from having so many babies in a row that I decided to take a break! The wonderful thing was that Matthew volunteered to feed the babies every night and let me sleep. He is able to go right back to sleep whereas I will lay awake almost until the next feeding just trying to get back to sleep. It was such a rest to me! He has offered once again with Benjamin but I would like to try to breastfeed as he is probably our last baby. : )

      • What a blessing Matthew can help. My Tom was supposed to start his career as an Electrician. He had just graduated. And then I found out I was pg with Isaiah. He was angry at first but gave up his job to help me with the group home, our other children at home and the 3 babies we already had- Faith 2 1/2, Lysa 11 months and Kitty newborn. We lost a lot of money, and it was hard. But it was worth it. :o)

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