Homeschool and Nesting…

I think I’ve been in nesting mode for a few weeks. I want organization in all aspects of my life right now. I made a little chart on our big chalk board in the kitchen for homeschooling. I then decided to see if there was something at Walmart so I could keep our chalkboard clear for other things. I found this for only $7.00 or so. DSC_0081

I put the initial of each child’s name on the left and up above we have: R=Reading, W=Writing, D=Dictation, S=Spelling, M=Math and H=History. We start off with writing in the morning after grooming and chores. It gets them into something easy to get them going for the morning. They do either copy work or tracing letters or tracing words, depending on the age. Then when Elisabeth and Hannah start on their spelling books, I read with little Matthew and then my husband Matthew reads with Leah when I’m done. Hannah and Elisabeth finish reading after they have completed their assignments. I then take Elisabeth to our room for dictation. She writes down what I tell her to. I then show her mistakes and she corrects it by doing the whole sentence. Afterwards, she does some typing lessons. I taught my older girls to type at 8 years old, I figured she could do the same as it will help her with writing skills later. They are all doing very well and mom and dad are pleased to have some things in order.

I’ve also been printing out extra sheets of curriculum like crazy. They are thing like circling the odd numbers up to the thousands, circling verbs, mazes that count by 2’s, etc… I have been spending hours this past month researching what direction God wants us to go, what curriculum to use for History (we have a book on the way by Christian Light Publications: I could not decide between this one or Mystery of History: We’ll probably try both and see which way to go. We will start reading through some history books in the afternoon after it arrives. They are already familiar with many common names, presidents, states, geography, Christian history, etc… I think this is a good time to really start them in a curriculum though.

So, after writing, reading, spelling, dictation and typing we all take a break for an hour or so. We come back together and get math out of the way. We are doing the Numbers with Spunky/Schoolaid Math: The only problem I find is that I think 2nd grade is a bit early to start kids in multiplication or higher. It seems that they really should have a good grasp of addition and subtraction and being able to sort and other such things in their heads before moving on to another and then onto another. There’s plenty of time. I didn’t learn multiplication until 4th grade. I thought it to be a good pace then. I read a wonderful book by Ruth Beechick: The author has since passed away I found, but this little book is so rich on how a child learns math concepts, that they need to learn to write well first before teaching them much on English grammer, etc… It has changed my whole idealization on how we educate our children. Teach a child how to read and write well before breaking down the sentence into parts. Show a man a car before you show him all the components that make it run and he will understand the components then. That’s my ideal on it anyways. Though we teach them “lightly” about nouns and pronouns, etc… it is not the focus right now. I’m still trying to get my ideals away from “how” I was taught at public school. It is fun and exciting to me. We can do it our way and I love it! Psssst…. I did not like homeschooling for the first couple of years. I am just starting to really enjoy it now.  : )

So, in the evening after the babies go to bed I or dad read from the Bible… just a chapter or so. Then we read from this wonderful gem. The kids so look forward to it: I love this website and book. All of their books in the library are only $1.99 to download. The library on this site is a fantastically rich resource for homeschoolers. I can’t wait to get through our reading to start another. : ) Anyways, we finish reading a short chapter here and then the kids go to bed at 8:00 and read until 8:30 until lights off.


Here, I added another chart for chores. We don’t do enough chores around here yet. It seems it’s always easier for mom and dad to do much of it but that’s not teaching them that they have duties too. We are starting them in doing something for a week… we have enough confusion around here to change it day by day.  : ) Of course they often help with the dishwasher, some dishes, prepping food, etc… Hannah loves making sandwiches for all of the kids each day and we let her. Elisabeth, Hannah and Matthew are out with dad right now getting free wood. They will be treated to a popsicle on the way home. I’m just so grateful that the Lord is refining our place in home schooling and general organization in our lives right now. I have always wanted this. It is a hard thing to have many children and to keep running things by the seat of your pants or changing things all of the time. We are finally settling in to a place where we feel very comfortable and it works for us. Thanks for listening. Many of my posts are for our family so we can reflect on these things and see where we came from and where we’re going. It’s nice that there’s actually a few people that like to peek in on our lives.  : )

I have a multi-picture post coming up soon. Have a good week everyone.

6 thoughts on “Homeschool and Nesting…

  1. I’m bzmom from Momys:) I love reading your blog. My oldest is 16 and I want to say they all like keeping chores for a week at a time instead of changing daily. I had them help me make a chore list and it has helped tremendously!

    • I’m sorry, I missed your comment until now. : ( Thank you for writing me! I agree… I read somewhere recently that if you have a child do a chore for a week at a time, it is much easier on the child and the parents. It just seems that with homeschooling the chores are the last thing that get done in the day. We have to work on this area…. me and my husband. : )

  2. I never thought of teaching typing earlier! I’ll have to try. I always started them at 16.
    I love the new picture at the top! Who is the artist?
    Thank you for the link to heritage history. We have a few similar history books. I’ve read Ruth Beechick too. She is excellent. One year we tried more Charlotte Mason, but in a computer world that’s hard so we went back to our PACES. My just turned- 11 year old is just starting multiplication in the 10s. He’s dyslexic. So we repeat pages over and over and over. He knows that that is not a punishment but rather practice to learn. :o) Slowly- but surely he gets more correct. :o)
    I have a small library of “teen” issues by Christian authors. Faith 14 was reading them. And then Kitty 11 decided to read a few, to which Faith told her she was too little! LOL! But I said it was fine. Kitty and Lysa even read the book “Loving your brothers and sisters” for siblings. I’ve had that book 20 years and no other child ever wanted to read it! I thought that was wonderful!

    • Hi Elizabeth. Tux Penguin typing is a good one… just make sure you download from a good site. My husband and two older children learned from Tux. It’s fun. Since I’m having trouble finding a good site to download that doesn’t put malware on my computer, I found Rapid Typing version 5 to work fine for Elisabeth. The lessons are very easy. I’ll have to look up the book on “Loving your Brothers and Sister”. It sounds good!

    • Hi Stephanie… Thanks for writing here! I’m glad to hear you are another who enjoys researching things online for the kids. It’s amazing all the freebies that are out there… all the way down to lined paper so you don’t have to buy it. : )

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