Good News and Bad News

This day took on a new place as any day does when one receives certain news. Even in my hopes in finding out if we were to have a boy or girl today after waiting for weeks on end, it all changed immediately upon receiving the news this morning. Our neighbor Rosie called to tell us that our other neighbor Pat, 62 years old had passed away. He went in for knee surgery on March 17th and had heart failure. They went to rush him to a hospital in Wenatchee but on their way there found that he would not make it so they turned around to head back. He never made it back to the hospital.

Pat has been married to Peggy for 40 years from what Rosie shared. Though we didn’t know Pat really well, he was like a kind, happy teddy bear. They were in our home over a year ago and he came in all rambunctious playing with the kids with a Santa hat on. When my husband needed a ride to the VA hospital in Spokane 4 1/2 hours away (one way) to put my husband under to check his Barrett’s Esophagus, Pat was right there to help. He drove him there and back taking a whole day out of his own to help him. One day recently he was driving to the food bank where he volunteered and he happened to see my husband out by the gate, he stopped and dropped us off a 50 pound bag of oats. His wife so kindly took me by the hospital on the morning of my procedure last May when they found I had a hiatal hernia. Nice, nice people. Though we didn’t know them very well, we are very sad about Pat, a bit in shock and I am in sorrow for Peggy. I picked her up a couple of things today to drop by in a few days. I can’t imagine her life now without her companion, her husband.

I was driving to my appointment this morning and thought of this verse:

Eccl 7:1-2
“A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth. It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart.”

I couldn’t help but think that a person’s death will override a life that is soon to come. I did not think about our baby on the drive this morning, I thought about Pat and Peggy. When me and Leah did find out that the baby is a boy, I was relieved and a little happy for a moment but it went back to the loss of a life nearby and a neighbor who is suffering. I understand the Scripture above better today. I can’t put it into words but there is understanding there. Death is very serious and you can’t help but pay attention when someone dies… a neighbor or a loved one or someone from the past. It’s just so real.

I’ll share more about our little Benjamin in a few days or so. But, it’s a time to pray for Peggy our neighbor if anyone wants to join in.

4 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Why oh why does Joy come with sadness. We’ll find out farther along. But life is so bittersweet when it’s good. (((((((HUGS)))))) I wanted to name my first birthson Benjamin but Tom said no to that name. I do love it though.
    ((((((HUGS))))))))) and prayers and thank you for sharing about Pat! I LOVE to hear about good people. 5 years ago I had heart failure after a very big surgery. I was ready to go and a little disappointed I didn’t see Jesus. In fact after the surgery during my post surgery depression I cried that maybe He was mad at me. After every challenge He insists on lifting me back up when I tell Him I can’t go on. :o)

    • Well, by looking at your life through your blog Elizabeth, it sure looks like the Lord has plans for you to be around for many other reasons. ; ) Yes, sometimes we feel done in life…. we want to go home up above and rest from this life but the more I read the Word, the more I see He wants us here not for ourselves but other people, whether that be our little ones at home or someone else.

      I remember reading some of A.W Tozer’s writings. He shared how in his later years how he yearned so much to retire to a quiet cottage by a river or lake and just spend quiet time with the Lord. God had other plans for him and he took the hard road, though he still didn’t live very long. Well, I’m glad you’re here Elizabeth! You always brighten my day when I hear from you or see your happy kids on your blog! : )

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your good neighbors. Good neighbors and friends are so hard to find in this world. People who will go the extra mile for you, like you would for them. God is so good to have blessed you, to have them in your life. I am sorry of the timing with your happy day but it sure makes us put things into priority when we hear of things like this or experience them. Praying for you always. Much love from Georgia.

    • Thank you for your kind words Susan. Yes, I do like that one thing about death… it puts things in perspective really quick. Matthew and I have already talked and wished we would have invited Pat over to our home more than the couple times he had been here. Though he did things through his church and volunteered at the food bank, he was often home alone. How we could have been so much more unselfish by inviting him over. Sigh… We learn and we try to apply to the next situation that the Lord brings. And He will. : )

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