Catching Up

I haven’t posted for a while as we were sick with something that lasted over 3 weeks. We rarely get sick so I am grateful for that but it does take our family off course from home schooling and everything. Thank God we are well over it now. Here are a few pictures from just the past month.


Hannah doing school work. She’s usually not this “friendly” looking when it’s time for school.  : )

DSC_0094Matthew and Elisabeth doing math work. Matthew likes to “wander” as you see here.  : )

DSC_0087  Playing with their toys and trains in their room.  DSC_0083

Cute Tabitha sitting with Dada.


Daddy, Miriam and Tabitha… I think daddy is still sick here and taking a rest.


Cutie Pie…


Miriam… hmmm, what are you thinking, 3 year old?


Sick daddy and one of the twins… I can’t tell by this picture. I think it’s Tabitha.


A little pillow that the girls sewed with their sewing machine. I taught them how to do it inside out first.


Cute MatthewDSC_0055

I bought some barrettes for the twins from the dollar store. I had these type when I was a child. The girls were busy trying them in their hair the next morning… I thought they looked cute.    DSC_0048  DSC_0046 Three sick kids.  : (  DSC_0034


This was my only staged picture for my husband’s blog. I think it looks nice so I thought I would include it.

10 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Great pictures!! :o) I haven’t blogged because I’m out of pictures, and busy too. :o)
    Matthew is such a boy! LOL! Love his wandering gaze- reminds me of my boys!
    The girls are beautiful with their pretty hair! I’ll have to send you a photo of the unbelievable amount of barrettes my Faith got in her hair at their age. :o) Of course curly hair can hold more! (which I don’t have either)
    Nice job girls on the pillow! My first born (now in Heaven) made so many sweet crafts for me- I kept them all! She was the only one!
    ((((((((HUGS))))))))) and prayers- hope you are completely well!

    • Oh, those crafts from your daughter are priceless!!! I’m so glad you have them. I would love to see a picture of your daughter with the barrettes in her hair. I remember my first born from 1988 who put barrettes in her hair every morning before I got up. She was around the age of three. I have a picture of her with all 25 or so of them in the front of her face hanging down. : )

  2. I think that’s Anna on her daddy’s lap! Look at her sirt, and Tabitha’s shirt a few pictures before. Either way, they’re both too cute for words. Really, all of your children are just beautiful.

    • You could very well be right! She has a stronger look to her face. I do switch their clothes quite a bit. It’s just survival time right now. : ) One day I might dress more identical but it might be a little hard for me and dad. : ) I’ve thought about maybe just putting them in identical clothing when we go out. Anyways, thank you for your kind words! : )

  3. All the children look so precious even thought they didnt feel well. Bless their hearts. I cant wait to see who the new baby looks the most like. A beautiful quiver of children for sure! Beautiful job on the pillow by the way. You have a sewer to help you with cloths making soon! I pray all is well with you and yours! Blessings!

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