Boy or Girl?

Well, I didn’t think something like this would happen at my appointment yesterday. My doctor who also performs the ultrasounds shared that he doesn’t normally do ultrasounds for gender before 20-24 weeks. He did see my disappointment and put the probe back on my belly to take a peek. He thinks we have a 70% chance at having a boy. This doesn’t tell us much as Matthew and I are black and white thinkers. So, hopefully we will find out on March 19th when I go in next.  : )

I did see what the doctor saw and it looks like boy parts, but it could be the cord too. He did share that he’s usually wrong when he thinks it’s a girl… so I’m still hopeful. I really want a boy and feel that this is a boy I am carrying. We’ll see though…. I guess we need to wait some more.  : )

I just had to add this picture I found last April. It is just beautiful and so touching. Though it could be a girl, I always saw this baby as a boy. Oh how my heart yearns for just one more boy.



One thought on “Boy or Girl?

  1. I really think the odds for a boy are in your favor. My friend’s and I who have had late babies, usually many years after our last, all have boys. It is kind of funny and interesting that none of us (about 10) had girls. I have always loved raising boys! (((HUGS)))

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