One More Video

Here’s one more video of the kids, starting with Leah. I am not the best video recorder and do it pretty infrequently so don’t mind the quality. The videos do take up a lot of memory on the blog so I will just put one up occasionally and then remove them after a while.

8 thoughts on “One More Video

  1. Your children are precious! Just wish you understood Wannacut better. As your neighbor, a fellow mother & now a grandparent(!), it is my opinion that it is a fantastic place to not only live, but to raise children.

    • Thank you for your comment Hannah. I would love for you to give me a call and let me know if you are in close proximity to us. We don’t believe this is a bad place to live, it has a lot of good here. We have just disobeyed the Lord as He wants us in a modestly priced home and in Kansas where He wanted us a few years ago. : ) He has bigger plans for us there for many reasons. We will miss the scenery here and the people as they are older, casual, laid back and friendly. Very few people here are competing with the Jones’s or too concerned about their looks. It has been refreshing to us. : )

  2. What a wonderful video to have as a precious memory. Our children only play so carefree like that for such a short time and then they feel they are to old to dance circles with each other. So happy and care free. We should all try to be that way I guess. Blessings!

    • Yes, I am wondering how long they will allow themselves to be kids, not being a part of the pressure that they would get if they were public schooled? I have heard of girls at the age of 12 still playing with dolls that are home schooled. A little different from the fashionable, makeup wearing girls you see at the age of 12 now. I am excited to see how different their lives will be compared to my first two that I sent to public school. I wish I knew then what I know now. : )

      • My girls played with dolls much longer than most and now still play with their American Girl dolls a little. I did not let my girls play with Barbies at all. Dont like the body image and desire for buying as much as you can for your doll idea… but did let them play with baby dolls to encourage mothering. As they got older they have each gotten an american girl doll and mostly just do hair styles on them. Which is good as well. And my girls are 11 and 14. We dont have any pipped in TV so they have to use their imaginations a lot. They love to work with me learning to bake and cook. Help with the smaller children and such. It is wonderful compaired to the way I was raised and I was raised much less worldly than many. Blessings!

  3. Hadassah I don’t have your e-mail! :o(
    Mine is tarcher30 at charter dot net
    I wanted to tell you THANK YOU so much for the heads up on Azure Standard!! I bought brown rice, organic potato flakes and 50 pounds organic red potatoes, oat flour 50 lbs, organic non gmo corn flour 50 lbs, thick rolled oats 100 pounds that cost 1/2 the price we paid the grocery bulk dept. here!!! We bought some goodies too- turnips, organic carrots etc. So excited!! The truck doesn’t come until 3/9, but we’ll get a good idea how much to order after this big order! It stops at a farm on the outskirts of our city!!
    Thank You!!

    • I’m so glad to have your e-mail now Elizabeth. I looked for yours on your blog but didn’t find one. I should have asked you on one of the comments. Anyways, I’ll write you tonight. My e-mail is on the side of our blog… I just put it up a couple of weeks ago. It is

      I am so glad to hear that you found some of the prices to be good with Azure. It is exciting to pick up the order and get it home. I have found in the 3 locations I’ve been with pickups with Azure that the people at the pickup are interesting and friendly to talk with. Some raise chickens, some have acreage, etc… Anyways, you’ll have so much fun when you get your boxes home and open them up. The quality is so good. The only thing I won’t buy there again is the dish detergent, it is pretty low suds. The laundry detergent is wonderful though and lasted us well over a year. We bought it in August of 2013 and are now just running out. : ) Anyways, let me know how it goes when you do your pick up. I think you’ll find the delivery fee to be really low too. I think mine runs around $7.00 for a $200 order but I’m saving in so many more places. Yes, the potatoes and oats are so cheap!

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