Your beautiful picture here deserves a post to itself. You are becoming such a handsome young man Matthew. You are such a sweet boy at 6 years old. You are the most physical of all the kids… always wanting back rubs, always coming up to Momma in the kitchen to touch me or rub me on my back. You are a sweetheart! Right now you are on a math frenzy. Several times a day you will pull out your math book and do a few pages. You even did some right before bed! You don’t get your love for math from your Momma!  : )

6 thoughts on “Matthew

    • Thank you Elizabeth, you are so kind. We can hope the best for him… we all do need good men in this Nation don’t we? Now if he just marries a good woman, he’ll more than likely stay a good man. : )

  1. He has very kind eyes like my William. A very handsome boy. I agree with Elizabeth, he will someday be head of the household of his own family and do a wonderful job! When I see a little boy about his age, I always think of the king in the old testament, that the priest hid in the temple. He became king at 7 years old. What a lot of responsibility for a young boy. I can tell yours is a sweetie. Blessings!

    • Aw, thanks Susan. Yes, he’s a sweetie. I can see why a mother would be protective over who her son marries if he is a good young man. We know as women our faults in womanhood and want the best for our sons. : )

  2. All little ones have something special but I just love it when they are so huggy. What a sweet lad, look after him well! I remember fixing dinner with one sat on my hip, one hanging onto my long skirts, and another in my tummy… Sigh! They were the best days of my life. At 24, 18 and 13 my boys still hang around the kitchen, but now it’s to see if they can catch some pre-meal snack more than anything!
    Hugs to all, Sofia X

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