A Pattern from the Lord



“God never built anything among men without first delivering to them a pattern.”

I read this last night of Jim Elliot from “Shadow of the Almighty.” It was as if God was speaking to me through Jim Elliot’s writings to give me assurance that one day He will move us and that He has been showing us a pattern in which He wants us to follow when the time does come for us to leave.

How foolish my last post seems regarding our financial situation now in light of the big picture… the big picture that He continually shows us as a pattern. The pattern that we are going to be able to help other Christians. Christians who are struggling, brothers and sisters who are being persecuted as the Stanley family or the principle of a school who was asked to leave because she included a Christian website link on a newsletter:  http://christiannews.net/2015/01/27/texas-principal-put-on-leave-after-linking-to-christian-website-now-reinstated/

The persecutions that we are seeing today are nothing for what is to come. It is a scary and exciting time to live in. We believe strongly that the Lord is leading us in this direction to help other Christians because it will help shape our children for their times when persecutions will reign worst. It will put an imprint upon their souls as to what is important in life and that they are to help one another. We’re hoping this will go down to our grandchildren who will really see it regarding any topic such as homosexuality, home schooling, or anything to do with Christ and His ways that don’t line up with the common churches’ image of Him.

Anyways, I had to share this today. The Lord keeps giving us a Word here and there of encouragement that He does have a purpose for our stay here but that one day He will move us. I keep reading of Jim Elliot and how he had to wait years to go out on the missionary field. The Lord was preparing him and though he didn’t want to go to college, the Lord led him there. He was able to learn how to interpret different languages through linguistic courses. The Lord knew what He was doing. We know right now that we are in His hands and that He knows what He is doing. It is good to be at rest today and now worry about something so menial as our financial situation when we have food on our table every night, clothes and shelter and a vehicle in which to travel to the store.

Some of my friends on here have foster children and adopted children of special needs. God showed you a pattern first and even now that you are fulfilling it, He is doing something through those children and others who are a witness to as your lives carry on a pattern for His good work. He is so good.  : )

4 thoughts on “A Pattern from the Lord

  1. These are indeed difficult times and becoming even harder.
    Having each other to affirm and confirm our faith keeps us strong!
    Thank You for voicing what needs to be heard!!
    God IS GOOD!!

    • You are so right Elizabeth. We do need each other to affirm and confirm our faith. It is so neat that even today while we live in such confusing times as today are able to still be gathered together by the Lord… and to pray for one another. I am glad to have you as a friend. : )

  2. I do so agree that God uses past circumstances and learning for the next things in our lives. It is all according to His plan and purpose and I am amazed all the time, at how intricate and personal everything He does is. Like a beautiful tapestry. Many seasons of life feel almost unbearable to walk thru. But we come out so much better for Him on the other side of it all. All to His glory for ever and ever. Blessings!

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