Our Little Squirt


It looks like our little squirt is doing just fine. We will find out the gender next month. I wish I wasn’t so emotional with the gender issue this time, but I am. I believe this could be our last baby and am holding out hope for one more sweet baby boy. It’s not that I don’t want a girl, I just want a boy so much. Eight girls already and one boy… how could I not lean towards another boy?  : )

Little Matthew has never gone to an ultrasound appointment so I will let him go with me next month. I asked  him if he knew how they can tell if it’s a boy or a girl on the ultrasound. He said, “Is it because the boy has short hair and the girl has long hair?”  ; )

Hannah got to accompany to my appointment yesterday. She was excited to see baby moving and kicking all around. It amazes me how they can move around so much being so little.

My placenta is a bit low but we have 9 weeks for it to move up before we have to worry about taking precautions, etc… This has happened before so I am not too concerned.

Anyways, I am excited. I think we are over the hump now. The 1st trimester one that any woman fears when she’s had a couple of early miscarriages. Nausea is subsiding more and more though not completely gone yet. I feel it the most when I’m very tired. I’m weaning off of the progesterone. Happy, grateful and still in shock. I can’t wait for July!!!

8 thoughts on “Our Little Squirt

  1. Oh, I am SO happy to see this! I was praying for you and this little one. So so happy to see baby is doing well. I understand the gender issues. I cried when I found out or last was a girl. And she’s just amazing and we love her to pieces. And you are right. I didn’t NOT want her. But it’s been 11 years since we’ve had a little boy. And I really wanted a little boy. Praying here that God willing you will be blessed with another little boy.

    • Oh, thanks for understanding! I was so hoping for twin boys with the twins. I thought how nice it would be that we would have half and half and I was sure that God was going to give us two little boys. When they shared that they were girls, I was so hurt I had tears streaming down my face after they left the room. I really thought they were boys. But within a day or two I was so excited to have two healthy girls. I can’t ever imagine any of them being replaced due to gender. The Lord really gives us all special children. Their little souls just cannot be replaced.

      I was thinking of warning the doctor before hand that I will probably cry if it’s a girl and probably cry if it’s a boy. : )

      Thanks for writing me here, it is so very good to hear from you!!!

  2. I’m so excited for you!! I was happy that my last was a boy because I felt a daughter would need me more. And with my health I may not be around. I pray for a godly wife for Isaiah, she’ll be there for him!

    • Well I hope you will be around a good many years. I sure would miss you and I know Susan would too! Not to mention your kids… It’s funny how when you are having kids when you are young, you just don’t worry about those things. I am often, and I mean often, praying to live a long life. I just don’t want our kids left here alone until I feel things are safe for them (good marriages, etc…).

      Anyways, are you doing okay? Can we pray for anything specifically? You can always write me on these personal issues at my e-mail too!

  3. So pleased for you, Hadassah! I really wanted another girl last time. Love my little guy though! LOL I understand the hoping but also the happiness for what God gives.

    • Thank you Heather! Yes, isn’t it good how quick we can switch over to bonding with the one that God decided to give us? It doesn’t take long and I have to remember that! I decided just tonight to start thinking of girl names again… it will help me when I find out who is in there, what his or her name is already. : )

  4. I am so very excited for you as well! I have been praying for a good pregnancy and healthy little one. I was a little nervous going back into foster care/adoption. Not only because of Tim’s and my age but because I didn’t know what age/gender of children God would bring to us. I was so happy to get the toddlers and that they were both boys. I bond so much easier to boys and all my boys just love me so much. My girls do too but really cling to their dad a lot. I think God designed it to be this way. Then God brought our little baby “K” to us. She is the best baby we have ever had. So sweet and laid back, so cuddly and loving. I thank God every day for her. She has a very special place in my heart. I love all of our children so much and could never imagine life with out any them. I can’t wait to see your Gift. Each one has such a purpose and is here for a reason. God really does know all things. And I do pray also for us all to live long and healthy lives. 🙂 God’s abundant blessings!

    • That is sweet to hear about baby K. I don’t know a lot about adoption or foster care but is she one that you may be able to adopt? I am partial to Tabitha and Leah in that Tabitha makes me feel like a Momma more than any of the kids for some reason. Leah has a quiet softness about her and I feel most protective for towards her. But when I look at what they all offer, what each one brings to the family boy or girl, they are all such a blessing. Yes, isn’t it funny how the girls are drawn to the dad and the boys to their mother. I agree that God made it that way. Anyways, thank you for your prayers.

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