Little Chops

In case any of you ever wonder why we call Matthew by the silly name of “Chops”, it is because he was (and still is) a chow hound. It seemed to come about around the time of this post when he was eating off of a steak bone (chop), with his chops:


Poor Matthew, he just does not like hair cuts. They make him nervous.


But he still sits very quiet….


Sometimes sucking on a little piece of candy because Momma feels bad for him.


All cleaned up with his little puppy.

DSC_0081 DSC_0082

Lots of pictures of you today little boy.


Just a cuddly little boy. Must have something to do with having lots of sisters around you and a Momma who loves you. Dad wrestles with you to try to make you more “manly”, but you’re still surrounded by us girls.  : )

DSC_0089 DSC_0091

Matthew is drawn to the puppies, Elisabeth to bunnies, Hannah to lambs and bears and Leah to ducks. Tabitha totes around a dog, a horse or a kitty (or all three), depending on her mood that day. Miriam and Anna, I haven’t figured out what stuffed animal they are drawn to yet. The kids probably know.  : )

4 thoughts on “Little Chops

  1. My Isaiah loves puppies too. We’ve had quite a few real pups since he was born. Starting with our first GSD! So he is used to big dogs! My Isaiah also was “nervous” about hair cuts till he turned 10!! Very cute pictures! (((HUGS)))

    • Well, maybe we have hope that when Matthew gets around the age of ten, he’ll be a little less nervous. Poor boys, I don’t blame them. I’d probably be nervous too with that noise buzzing around my ears. : )

  2. Matthew is such a handsome boy! I don’t think it matters him being surrounded by girls. My William is such a gentle soul and was raised around mostly boys in his younger years growing up. He also never liked hair cuts. Now he asks for them because as the hair grows it bothers him brushing on his forehead.

    • Yes, I think their sweet little souls are innate. God made them that way. If Matthew was really influenced by his sisters, he’d be a bit more pesky and emotional. : ) Your William looks so sweet. I think you had a birthday post on him recently.

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