Just a Few


I made some donuts for daddy’s 55th Birthday on December 27th. They were so good, I decided to make them just one more time.


Trying my hand at Fair Isle knitting the other night. I think this one is going to take some good time to master. Hopefully sometime this upcoming year I will be able to post something that actually looks decent. I love trying new things with knitting.


My first cables. Though I made a mistake midway down, I continued to the end and it actually turned out just fine. I love practicing with the cotton yarn because it’s so cheap. It also feels good to knit with on bamboo needles. I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive from January 1st so I can continue on with the baby blanket, I’m trying to make a vest for little Matthew as he loves to make vests and it’s about time to learn how to shape things. I’m also making a washcloth made from flax yarn. Now if I could only get motivated to sew. It is not my favorite thing to do… at all. I put it off more than anything else.


The kids wanted me to take a picture of their creation the other day. They love Thomas the Train toys. They all go crazy for Thomas the Train. They “borrowed” our nativity set last month. It still sits in here…  I guess it’s time to put it away.  : )

3 thoughts on “Just a Few

    • Thank you for the Happy Birthday. I will let Matthew know. : )

      Well that’s a good idea on leaving the nativity set out all year. Why not? Sometimes I listen to Christmas music throughout the year… just a few of them because they are so beautiful. “Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel” and “I Wonder as I Wander”.

  1. Our nativity is still out as well. I really should leave it out year round like Elizabeth does. We all love to see it. A very happy birthday to your husband! And many blessings upon this year. The donuts looked delicious even in the pictures! Blessings!

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