School and Play


So smiley, Tabitha!


I thought these were cute pictures of Tabitha with her big brother.



Good boy doing his math assignments…


Not doing homework here, just writing words for fun.


Hannah is working on her math and Elisabeth is working on her English assignments.


Enjoying a big bowl of pudding with homemade whipped cream. She just finished her 3rd grade reading book. They get a nice food reward when they complete a reading book, math book or another home schooling book.


Enjoying regular peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I’ve been sick (pregnancy) so I bought some store bought bread for the month to make things easier on me. The kids don’t seem to mind.  : )

DSC_0036 DSC_0066

Little Anna

4 thoughts on “School and Play

  1. They all look like they get along so well and love each other so much. Mine really do too. When one home schools their children I think they become each others friends so it makes for a happy and peaceful home. My only one I have a hard time with getting a long with others is my Elizabeth. She is a work in progress. Blessings and pray you get to feeling better. 🙂

    • Yes, I make their dresses but I don’t like to sew!!!! Sewing has always been my thing that I have to do but don’t like to do. I am a big procrastinator on it. The poor kids are sometimes running around with a ripped dress or ones that are too short and Momma needs to get busy all at once. I just prayed the other day for the Lord to help me not feel so burdened by it. I am adjusting a pattern from having the gathered skirt that’s attached to the top (it always ends up ripping there), to an A line dress. I have made some from adjusting the pattern, I just need to fix it some more. I can get them done in half the time. They are like my dress which was actually a very short maternity dress pattern that I had to add several feet onto the length. Do you sew and do you enjoy it at all? Does it become more enjoyable after a few more years? I’ve only been sewing off and on for 6 years or so.

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