Free Wood, a Blessing

We found early on this Winter that we were running low on wood. My husband was on his way to an appointment when he saw some fellows working in front of a huge pile of cherry wood. He asked them if they had any small pieces/piles that they didn’t need. They shared that he could take all that he wanted as they would have to just sit around and burn the pile for a few days. The site is only 15 minutes away and there are maybe 10 cords of wood. Matthew leaves with a couple of the kids each day (with the exception of our 17 degree days we’ve had lately) and cuts and piles the wood into the truck to haul home. Come to find out, we may be in for free wood all of our days here as the supervisor of the men at the site wants Matthew to pick up some wood in Oroville as well. He shared that he doesn’t want to pay his crew to just stand around for three days supervising a fire. What a blessing. Our home is warm and snuggly… even the downstairs fireplace is going.


Elisabeth and Matthew are unloading the wood into a pile in the garage. Most of it is in a pile on the side of the house. Matthew is stacking while he can. DSC_0026

I like that they have a little work to do as it’s been a cold winter and the kids are not expending a whole lot of energy. They get to burn some energy each night for about 10 minutes as they bring up pieces of wood from downstairs. They actually enjoy doing it.


Hannah cleaning our chicken’s eggs. We will be into our new eggs pretty soon. I believe they will start laying this month.


Cute little Leah!


Eating from the pan that mommy made her Christmas candy in. Gooey, buttery soft toffee with chocolate and walnuts. Yum!

DSC_0021    DSC_0061

Cute pictures. We haven’t cleaned up for morning just yet but I like Pup’s expression here. She’s turned out to be such a sweet girl. She wanted me to take a picture of her with the twins.


Hannah, you always have the sweetest face and eyes!!! Anna and Tabitha, daddy and I can’t wait for about another year. We’ll just say that you’ve followed the pattern of all mankind. You are two years old. It’s hard!  : ) Tabitha, you sure know how to give a good piercing scream when you don’t get your way 100 times a day.  ; )


The lake in the process of trying to freeze. This was a couple of weeks ago. It just seems to freeze a little and then melt. Our days and nights are cold right now so it should freeze over any day now. There is a little body of water across the street from our lake where it is frozen over. On my way home from the store two days ago, we saw a bunch of people playing ice hockey on it. It was a fun site to see.

4 thoughts on “Free Wood, a Blessing

  1. How wonderful to be able to be blessed with the wood! Heating our home with a wood stove helps our bills so much. The children are so beautiful. How blessed you are. Pray you are feeling well. Blessings!

  2. Aaaw! Everyone is so cute! God is so good! I hope and pray you are feeling well! It was way below zero here, we had a couple warm days (in the 20s) but tonight the below zero weather is coming back.
    My bunch came down with a horrible virus Christmas day. They are just starting to feel better. We had gone shopping at Target with their gift cards from Grandma the Friday before. Maybe they picked it up there. :o(

    • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear you all got sick and right on Christmas day! : ( I guess we don’t get to pick when we get sick, so we? I’m glad to hear everyone is starting to get better. Sorry to hear how cold it is there, but I’m not surprised… it is January. I hope you are all staying warm and not getting cabin fever too much. : )

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