Our squiggly looking baby here is doing just fine. I was measuring right on time. The due date still stands at July 30th and it looks like we’ll have the baby the 16th of July by c-section. My new doctor delivered his first baby in 1983 and was a dentist before getting into obstetrics/gynecology. He’s been married for 41 years.

I mentioned that things must have changed for him a lot in these years in seeing a lot more drug use and STD’s. He shared, “You don’t want to know. I would rather have 100 of you (remember, I’m high risk, old maternal age, c-sections, placenta separation and more), than five 17 year-olds. They come in to my office weighing over 300 pounds.” That said a lot to me. I won’t forget those words. How sad that most 17 year olds are in poor health compared to an almost 45 year old that’s had some pregnancy complications. Very sad.  : (

Anyways, I’m very sleepy right now. The hormones are running full swing. I can’t get out of my robe today and I am not a sit around in my robe during the day unless I have a very bad flu. My homemade chocolate makes me feel nauseated, but I love eggs for breakfast now. I am not a breakfast person either. I just can’t eat breakfast… but, I am loving it now. Our next appointment is the 14th and he does ultrasounds regularly so I’ll post another picture. The heartbeat was 154…. all of my girls were in the 160’s, Matthew’s was in the 130’s so we’ll see if this one goes down.  : )

We’re still in disbelief that I’m pregnant. My cycle was 25 days long from the last one. I always thought I would have one more baby at 45 though. I’ll update at my next appointment.

4 thoughts on “Baby

  1. Wow! Praise God things are going well! God is so good and children are such a blessing. One of my foster friends got a new foster today from the children’s hospital. It is three months old and has a broken femur and old healing breaks on its arm and ribs. I just shake my head and don’t understand all that goes on in this world of foster care. Yours is so wanted and loved and so many out there just aren’t cherished as they should be. I rejoice that yours is loved, prayed over and raised as unto the Lord from day one. What a testimony.
    God be with you. Blessings!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this Susan. I’m so sorry to hear about the baby. : ( It’s sad though that my family has been estranged from me for 10 years now as they believe the sheltered/protected kind of life we provide (homeschooling, no tight jeans, no dating until close to marriage age, etc…) is abuse! I am so grateful for friends like you that the Lord puts in my life to keep my head up when I am feeling down about such things. It really encourages me! We do live in a time when good is called evil and evil is called good as is written in Isaiah 5:20. I see it every day in the news now as I’m sure you do. Thank God the system still protects children here that are truly abused as the foster child you just mentioned. I’m glad you had a good, Christian foundation that you can be such a loving provider and parent to all the children you have served. : ) God gave you great strength from that foundation that you could do so. : )

  2. Praise God! I have been praying for you and the baby! How exciting! I’m so happy for you!
    I can so relate to your family situation. I’m judged so harshly by my family. I had the sweetest young woman who was reading my blog contact me. She said that she too had judged her mother very harshly as an adult. She wrote to me to tell me that she was now very sorry for her actions against her mom. She understood now that her mom was doing God’s Will. She, like my family, can think they know better than God’s calling for us. I guess satan can use those we love so dearly as well as others. Very hard.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your family situation too. But, I’m not surprised either. It’s wonderful that the Lord give us a “new” family with brothers and sisters, sometimes mothers and fathers and sons and daughters in Christ. I love it! The tight knit fellowship and brotherly love in Christ has always been one of the deepest parts of the church and always will be. : )

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