The Snow is Here


It snowed here the other day. It was supposed to rain today and tomorrow and the next, but as I look out my window big billowy snowflakes are falling down everywhere. It’s pretty!


Pretty view from the kitchen window.

DSC_0060 DSC_0054

The kids having fun…


Elisabeth was the first one down.

DSC_0056 DSC_0059

Leah got hurt this day. She hurt her head… she only got a light scrape on her face but we were really worried about her and waiting to see if we needed to take her in – thankfully we did not have to. Last night I was brushing her teeth and underneath her tongue on one side is purple. We are now waiting to see about her teeth on that side of her mouth. She is our softest child in countenance so I took it really hard the day she got hurt and then last night after I brushed her teeth. I think I feel most protective about her because of her softness.  : (  She’s better but mommy isn’t quite yet.

4 thoughts on “The Snow is Here

    • That’s too cold!!! It’s going to get down to 6 degrees tonight and 8 for a high tomorrow, then down to -7 tomorrow night. I feel as if we are in Iowa again. Stay warm!!! I hope this winter will do you better than last winter.

  1. My goodness, snow all ready! Such fun! I love snow but I must admit that the warmer weather is practical and economical. We still aren’t lighting our woodstove very often and the temps. are very mild. This last week we have had between 17º and 21º C on most days. Beautiful photos, Hadassah, and praying that little Leah heals quickly. XX

  2. Hello Violet. Yes, I miss the warm weather today like you. It is freezing here today. It’s 8 degrees out with a good, strong wind so it feels below zero. : ( We’ll be alright though. I’m glad it’s not too bad where you’re at! Leah is just fine now thank you. Matthew hit her on the head with a train yesterday so I wasn’t too happy about that…. bad timing. : )

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