The Girls are Sewing

The girls have started sewing with a new sewing machine (unfortunately, we’ve had to return it as it keeps jamming. They have a better one arriving next week). I gave them a huge box of fabric and scraps… they made aprons, skirts and everything they could imagine. The articles of clothing all looked cute and silly as they are just cutting and sewing without a pattern or hems. Fabric and ropes of it sewed together all over the house for a week. It was a sight. Elisabeth loves to sew. She could sit in there all day and sew. Her sister Hannah sews for a bit because it’s new and then goes out to play outside.


Sewing in their room. Elisabeth looks so serious.


Hannah showing her piece. DSC_0010

7 thoughts on “The Girls are Sewing

  1. I’m hoping to start my girls this winter. Two are interested. Faith isn’t. I wish I’d had time to teach my Grace when she was little. My daughter Angel loved crocheting and sewing with me. My Shirley 3 years younger did not!! Maybe Isaiah will want to try too. Our favorite neighbor Larry (now 60) can sew and crochet, his sweet mom taught him! His first wife didn’t think it was an asset, I did!! ((((((HUGS)))))))

    • Isn’t it funny that our society thinks that men shouldn’t knit, sew or crochet? Men are the ones who originally started to knit. They put pretty patterns in their hats so that if they perished when they went out to sea, the family could identify them. My husband wants to learn how to knit one day… maybe when we have more time. : ) Try to avoid the $69.00 Janome… it’s like the $30 mending machines, non-functional.

      • We ordered this one, my first “electronic”.
        A little nervous about using it, but I have my old back up my Viking Husqvarna (sp?) from the 90’s. My old black singer refurbished by my Grandpa was destroyed by a sewer pipe break. And when I was pg I dropped my 1970’s Singer. LOL! I’ve guarded that Viking with my life! :o) I do have my other Grandma’s portable Singer in a wood case. But it weighs 100 pounds at least! It’s like the hulk!

      • Oops, I somehow missed this comment. Well, that sewing machine looks pretty nifty! When did you order that? I’ve heard the Vikings are really good so I don’t blame you for guarding it with your life. : ) Sorry to hear about the sewer pipe break. I love the old black sewing machines with a curve. They are so pretty!

  2. My mother taught me all of those skills and I never kept up with most of them and am very rusty at them all. I have had to relearn in order to teach my girls, who wanted to learn some of these home making skills. What precious memories you are making with your children and what they are learning will serve them the rest of their lives. Blessings!

    • I’m sure you’ve done just fine relearning those skills. That’s wonderful that your mother taught you those things. I had to learn from scratch and am still very rusty. : ) Thanks for the comment!

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