Little Matthew’s Sixth Birthday

Well, for a short time we had two five year olds in our home. Leah and Matthew are only 11 months apart. We have the twins and Miriam who are 11 months apart too. What does that mean? That I gave birth to 5 children in less than 24 months! Yikes!!! DSC_0006

I took a lot of pictures of you cute, little boy… but you just weren’t too photogenic in them. Here’s the good ones though. Mommy’s apple pie. I let them pick out what they want to have and Mommy makes it. DSC_0005

I’m not sure how you can even eat, you are nearly toothless with all of your baby teeth falling out lately.  : )

You are a good, dear boy who always gives the biggest piece of candy to your younger sister, Leah.   : )

3 thoughts on “Little Matthew’s Sixth Birthday

  1. Such a handsome young man! :o) He must be good natured like my Isaiah with all those sisters!
    My Isaiah doesn’t always photograph well, in fact I don’t either. :o)
    Happy Birthday! Matthew! My Matthew was born October 1rst, he’s 23 now.

    I had 4 of my children in about 2 years only I didn’t birth them all! I had Isaiah, who is 6 months younger than Kitty who is 11 months younger than Lysa, (both born to my daughter) and Faith 14 months older than Lysa! (Faith adopted from TX) And I only had to nurse one! :o) I don’t know how you did it. I was 47 and had a pitty party. None of my friends had little ones! Of course I got over it! LOL!!

    • Well, you sure had your hands full too Elizabeth and you still do! The only way I was able to do it is that my husband is at home full time. We help each other out… all day long. : ) It’s good though. Sorry it was so hard on you when you had them close during that time. The families with lots of children, especially close together, I can’t compare myself to them. The woman is home with their kids most of the day with out any one to lean on. Now that’s tough work and very hard on the emotions.

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