Leah’s Fifth Birthday

Leah had her 5th birthday on October 28th.  She wanted a strawberry cake. I thought it would be fun to make a chocolate cake and put whipped cream and strawberries on it. She really only wanted the strawberries.   : )       DSC_0110Waiting for the cake with the strawberries. DSC_0116DSC_0117DSC_0123DSC_0121YUM! DSC_0125 Happy Birthday Leah! My most quietest speaking child I’ve ever had. Your voice is barely above a whisper, you always have a smile and a laugh and you and Matthew are always the first one’s up (me too), to cuddle with me in front of the fireplace. I love you so much! 

3 thoughts on “Leah’s Fifth Birthday

  1. I’ll come back when I have time later today to respond to your comments. But, I wanted you to know that I am so glad to have met you and Elizabeth. You both make my day so much brighter when I read your comments. You have blessed me! Thank you!!! Hugs!

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