Here’s our little Anna putting a “blankie” on a pony. DSC_0138

 Keeping him warm I suppose.  : ) DSC_0139 DSC_0140 DSC_0025

Here we’re potty training the bear, er… Miriam. Many of us “Advanced Maternal Aged Mothers” with lots of children have figured out that in order to beat a lot of accidents, you can train them at the age of three. The baby is training the bear too. DSC_0026 DSC_0034

Hannah playing with a magnetic, wood train set that I picked up at Walmart the other day. The cars are only $3.00 a piece. The kids love trains around here.  : )

8 thoughts on “Cuties

  1. Aaaw! I rarely had several close in age to potty train. And I always trained starting at age 3. My last 4 were very close in age and I was in my early 50s by the time they were all trained- LOL! I started Samson at 4 thinking that was late………well the “normal” age for kids DS is 7!! By 7 he was not trained. The latest for kids with DS averages around 10. He was potty trained at 10! LOL!! Julius is 7, I’m not starting till he’s 8! Several of my boys (Noah, Jacob) won’t be able to be potty trained, Julius will! ((((HUGS))))

    • Wow, you sure have a giving heart Elizabeth. I remember years ago my husband shared with our two friends that at least they weren’t changing diapers anymore. John perked up and said, “No, we have to change Gracie every day.” He had forgotten about Gracie at the moment. Gracie had severe developmental problems… she was 16 or so. Anyways, I didn’t know that children with Down Syndrome took longer to potty train. You don’t give a thought to those things when you have a home filled with children that don’t have DS. I commend you that you have taken on such a task. You are a blessing to them and such a witness to others. I haven’t announced yet, but I just got a positive pregnancy test today. I try to be prepared for a Down Syndrome child as I am going to be 45 when this next one will be born. : ) Shhhhh. I’ll announce soon. Probably tomorrow… Thanks for writing Elizabeth! Hugs to you too!

      • How exciting!! (((HUGS)))
        Thank You for your encouraging words. What we live with is what feels normal for all of us! :o) Gad has truly blessed us!
        I have PCOS and was told I’d never have children. God knew better. Now they say women with PCOS are fertile later, but how many women want babies in their late 40’s? None that I know. I know I didn’t. My precious boy coming when I turned 47 was a huge blessing! The risks were incredible because my health is poor. But God takes care of everything!

      • I should have mentioned- my 3 other birth kids were 28,25 and 23 when he was born. Sadly when he was 6 months old my oldest died. She did hold him, but I wish he could know her. God’s Will is perfect. :o)

      • That’s got to be so hard. : ( Your daughter on your blog looks so sweet and radiant, it just doesn’t make sense when anyone loses a child no matter what age. I was sharing with my friend Missy recently who lost her 15 year old and her 25 year old now recently, how we live in a day and age where hardly anyone loses a family member anymore, let alone a child. I go back to just my grandparents who were born in 1910 and 1914 and I think my grandma lost her father and my grandpa lost his 4 year old sister when he was 16. I’m sure there’s more. My point is, people always lost family members, babies at birth, children through sickness. We don’t anymore, thank God but for those of you who do, it’s got to be all the harder because it’s uncommon and you don’t have people all around you who have gone through the same to lift you up! Anyways, you sure have a good attitude. I hope you have had some comforts along the way since losing your daughter. I’m sure you just miss her so much.

  2. I will always have at least one child in diapers as Antonio is incontinent. He will be 20 in December. God brought Carolyn, Zeke and Elizabeth to us all as infants and born a year apart each. They all had developmental issues and trained late. Now that I have littles in our home again, I find I am rusty at the whole potty training thing. When working with DFCS they feel a child should be trained at two. The two toddlers we have now came to us at age 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 and DFCS thought it just terrible the 2 year old was not trained yet. They are both behind in all areas especially emotionally. When they came to us they had no idea of even wet and dry. I finally have the oldest about trained and he just turned three. I would love to train them at three when they have the maturity to train quickly but with DFCS watching over my shoulder they feel that is to late and shows i am not doing my job! 😦 Our one little foster child, that just turned 2, I should start training according to their views but he is still so immature and does not even make the connection of going in his diaper and what is clean and dirty or wet and dry. He is also a tender hearted child so I don’t want to push him yet. I am just praying about it for now and hoping DFCS will be understanding of his past neglect effecting this area. Blessings and always love reading here.

    • Oh Susan, that’s got to be so hard! I would be a nervous wreck feeling like they are breathing down my neck on such issues. It’s sad, because they really don’t know what we know. My husband shared that most of those workers maybe have one child but most of them don’t. He knew someone for some years who worked in that type of career. So of course I had to share what you wrote today and he said that it’s sad that they want to have so much control over such issues, yet they are the first ones to push for aborting a child with down syndrome, etc… : (

      I read one of your posts recently about how you are coming up on 50 and you didn’t want to be done. That is so sweet. You have a good heart. My aunt Judy has 9 children and has adopted 5 over the past recent years… she is in her 60’s. I know adoption and foster care are different but I was surprised that she could adopt at that age. I’ve looked at a couple of sites (I loved the ones you posted) and it almost looks like we’re even too old. I guess it depends who you go with. Anyways, I think it’s great that you are still giving of yourself so much. Your son Antonio looks so sweet and happy in his pictures.

      Anyways, I’m kind of going here and there so bear with me. I am so sorry you have this kind of pressure to deal with. Things just aren’t what they used to be. It takes very little for people to think that good people are neglectful. I’ve had a real personal situation happen to me in 2003, so I’m very touchy about these things and know the feeling of threat when you are really trying your best. I sometimes go on a site called Momys and so many women there have had close calls. Anyways, I’ll pray for your protection. Bless you, it’s so nice to talk with you. : )

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