We have some farmer neighbors down at the bottom of the hill towards the town of Loomis. They have been generous with us for two Summers in supplying our family with pumpkins and this time they gave us their leftover wine grapes. What a blessing. We brought them some honey this year and some fresh trout last year. DSC_0034 DSC_0037 Beautiful grapes… They have little seeds in them but they still work good for smoothies and the kids just eat them up too. DSC_0042 Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin in smoothies… raw pumpkin in smoothies is just fine… seeds, innards and all. Though these aren’t the pie pumpkins, they are a very much appreciated food source for us here!  DSC_0050 Cute, little Hannah with a pumpkin.DSC_0065 DSC_0066 Everyone coming to see… DSC_0071 Gorgeous grapes. I couldn’t decide what picture I liked best so I put both of these up. DSC_0072


  1. This is beautiful! I missed some of these earlier posts- not sure why! Catching up! Love reading about your beautiful family. We did eat a wild turkey once. It flew in front of the van, smashed the window and nearly killed MA and Tom. We thought it was good- I put it in the crock pot. But it was not very big. :o)

    • Well good… not a wasted turkey there!!! I was driving home some months ago one day and was just about a mile from our home on the dirt road. A car was ahead of me going ever so slow. All of a sudden I saw the car door open and a dog went flying out of it and into the trees (all trees and woods lining the road). A huge turkey went flying up over my car and over towards the lake. I chuckled about how they catch their turkey dinners. : )

  2. It all looks just wonderful! I love fall and all that it brings in the ways of special foods and sharing with friends. God is so good. Your children are all looking so grown up! Time goes by to fast. Blessings!

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