Catching Up

As we had to have a new water softener installed (our wonderful neighbor Jerry installed it) as well as some other unexpected expenses, we won’t be upgrading the blog for another couple of months. For now, I will be posting here and then will import these posts into the original blog when we are ready.

Here are some posts dated back to September 26th when we slaughtered our turkey.  This is what was left of our sweet turkey when I came up the hill.DSC_0063


DSC_0069Our kids have always been around the slaughtering of our turkeys and chickens so we didn’t think anything of it when daddy slaughtered this turkey… but they cried. It had been too long since Iowa or Washington in Aberdeen. They cried because they loved this turkey. She had a limp leg so they could always catch her and hold her and love her. Daddy told me that he felt bad so he called them over and they all started plucking feathers. Kids… crying one minute and laughing and plucking feathers the next. I felt bad for them all day.  : ( DSC_0071

This is the 2nd turkey. They didn’t cry when daddy slaughtered him a couple of weeks ago. He always ran away from them though. But, you can see that they still loved him.  : ) DSC_0080Turkey kisses…

DSC_0082 DSC_0089 Pup holding her friend…DSC_0092 DSC_0097 DSC_0098 DSC_0105 DSC_0107Little Hanni with her chicken.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Our children have always helped with the butchering as well. I think it is very good for them all. They all have a job, even if it is just picking off pin feathers. They have gotten emotional over a few chickens and Muscovy’s we have butchered over the years but all in all understand this is food for our large family and part of living on a small farm. We have never eaten one of our goats yet. We have eaten goat that has been gifted to us happily but our goats sell so fast I never have had any extra to raise for meat. My children have even named a few little bucklings food names like “Dinner” thinking we were going to eat them and they sold before we could raise them for slaughter. We also eat a lot of deer so when beautiful deer walk across our meadow they either say yummy or my boys pretend to shoot them. Guests think it is horrible of them as a lot of people in our area don’t live or eat like we do. God is so good to always provide for our needs, I am forever grateful!

    • Your children calling the bucklings “dinner” made me laugh. Elisabeth a few years ago used to look at the turkeys before butchering time and say, “Mmmm, I’m hungry for turkey”. Yes, it does matter where you live regarding a lot of things I suppose… I was sharing how in Montana or The Dakotas and other states, I’m sure you could have a rifle hanging above your door, but in other areas people would label you as being psychotic. : ) Same goes with killing your own food. If only they could watch the documentary Food Inc… they may want to kill their own food. ; )

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