Just Kids


I don’t have many recent pictures of Matthew. He will be 6 years old in November. He is a very sweet, touchy boy. He loves to rub my arm and be all lovey when he is doing his reading lesson to me. I think he will be a true romantic, loving young man when he gets married one day. He loves to love. Loves to touch.


Beautiful eyes… Warm brownish green on the inside with a dark ring of blue around them.


Here’s Pup with her new dress I made her. I got the fabric at Walmart for $2.00 a yard and the shirt for under $8.00.

DSC_0039 DSC_0054

Close sisters. This picture reminds me of the one I took of them in Iowa a couple of years ago. They share a room and the same bed together. Little sweeties…


I think Elisabeth’s eyes remind me of that one woman’s eyes that was on National Geographic many, many years ago.

2 thoughts on “Just Kids

  1. Your children are beautiful! Thank you for being candid in your struggles and sharing your life with us. You truly inspire me. 🙂


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