Bike Ride Part II



The West side of Lake Wannacut. People like to walk down to this point and fish.


Down the road I go. This road is very bumpy with ridges and pretty sandy… Not my favorite place to ride, but soon I will be on pavement.


The South end of the lake.

DSC_0013 DSC_0020

Cows on the North end and horses on the South end. Now I’m on pavement for the rest of my ride.


Where this road goes, I do not know. There are no houses to see…


My favorite part of the ride… this road goes down to a barn on the left. It’s vast openness out here is incredible. I’d much rather live in an area like this than the lake. I wish the camera would capture what it really looks like out here on a sunny day.


There’s the barn, my turnaround spot. I’ve had a good ride for 3 to 4 miles I am guessing.


This is close to the barn. Just look at how thick those trees must have been.


To show you how big it is out here, note the gate up on the hill…


Heading home – I think I will go for a walk tomorrow. It was just a harder ride today and time for my body to rest a bit.


7 thoughts on “Bike Ride Part II

  1. Really enjoyed your bike rides – from the confort of my own little study! Beautiful scenery. Don’t think I have forgotten that I owe you an e-mail. I’m just so very busy at the moment.

    • Well, the scenery has changed significantly over the past few days…. lots of rain here. Don’t feel pressed to have to write anytime soon if you are busy. I understand!!! : ) I hope all is well with you. I thought of you when I posted the latest turtle picture on my bike ride.

  2. The scenery is so different than what I thought WA would look like? I think you are in WA aren’t you? I was thinking more temperate rain forests? :o)
    I was born in Seattle WA, my dad was stationed there during the Korean war.
    In answer to your questions – my maternal Grandmother was Finnish and Norwegian- so yes lots of Lutefisk! Above Isaiah’s bunk it says “parking for Norwegians only! :o)
    (I’m 1/4 Norwegian/Finnish, 1/4 English, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Scottish ;o)
    My boy Snow is a Shiloh Shepherd, he came from here~
    Shilohs are a kinder sweeter GSD, considered a rare breed. A little malemute added for size. He’s 27″ high and 120 pounds, I adore him. I had 2 others, one bigger, one smaller. One bloated, one had his knees give out. It was devastating.
    Thank You for the book link!! It looks like a great book! I e-mailed our library to see if they have it!!
    ((((((((((HUGS))))))))) and LOVE to you all!!

    • Yes, we are in Washington! The Northern/Central area… up by Canada. We used to live on the West coast of Washington so this is different to us as well. : ) How neat that you were born in Washington too. I had no idea! I can’t help but wonder how you ended up in Massechusetts? We were in Pennsylvania in 2012 when we were looking for a home to buy… ended up in Iowa for a year. We miss it back there (Midwest) and will be heading back to that area when the Lord has our home sell.

      I am looking forward to looking at your link on the Shiloh Shepherds. I love German Shepherds and to think that there are an even sweeter kind sounds wonderful. When we move one last time, I’d love to get another GS. Maybe the sweet kind like you have! : )

  3. Yes, that is very close! How neat! I have a friend in the South part of MN who I have yet to meet in person (who’s also from Washington). When we move we will have to come up and meet you all. It would be fun! : )

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