My Bike Ride – Part 1

I go for a bike ride each day for about an hour. It is my favorite time of the day because it’s simply beautiful living here. I thought I would take my camera along today to take pictures. I go one of two routes, so tomorrow I will do “My Bike Ride – Part II”.


Down the road, maybe a mile from where we live. Wannacut Lake is on the right which you will see in the next picture, and there is a little body of water across the street from it as you see on the left.


 Wannacut Lake – We live on the right side of it.


 Up the first hill and looking back towards the lake which is on the left. DSC_0094

Pretty rock formations.DSC_0100

Still riding…  Heading towards Blue Lake. Isn’t it pretty? DSC_0107 Approaching Blue Lake. DSC_0108 DSC_0110 DSC_0113

 Beautiful waterDSC_0117

My little turtle friend who came up to see me. DSC_0117              Up close DSC_0121

Shallow water with a clean, sandy bottom gives it this pretty green look. DSC_0134

On my way back, I stop here to drink some water and do whatever else is necessary.DSC_0136

Flower going to seed…DSC_0137

Our neighbor’s cows. Almost home!

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