Wildlife, Basil and Other Things


Here, dad and Hannah were going through the basis they picked just yesterday before the frost. The house was so fragrant for hours.

DSC_0082 Little girls doing some home school in the living room. Daddy was fixing the kitchen table. After 8 years of kids hanging and swinging from the base board that goes across underneath, it came out of the beam.

DSC_0077 DSC_0026

Beautiful Fall weather. Our favorite (and shortest) time of year.

DSC_0025 DSC_0015

Turkeys on the beach!


Here are some turkeys that we see all over the area here. This flock was walking in our backyard the other day.


Hannah and Elisabeth spotted this quail stuck in a fence of ours. Of course they had to bring him in to show us first before we let him go. He was surprisingly really calm. There’s a quail family that live in some bushes just up our driveway. They came out this last Spring with lots of new, little babies with them. It’s been fun watching them all over our yard this year.


Mommy’s new Edwardian apron. I just got finished making this today. Here is where you can get the pattern if interested:


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