Praying for Just One More…

I just had to post this. My husband some years ago prayed that we would have 8 children. We felt like this was God’s Spirit leading him to pray this. We’ve always believed we’d have 8 children after we had the first five. Well, it’s been a couple of years now since the twins have been born, one miscarriage soon after they were born and we’ve been pretty content. Still waiting, not much in the way of planning for the perfect moment to come together in hopes for another baby… no supplements or anything else to try to conceive. But, our time is closing in if it isn’t done already. With the thought of possibly taking down the cribs for the twins in a while, my heart somehow panicked. I want another baby! One more pregnancy. One more (or two – I love twins), baby to hold, to nurse, to love, to watch while he or she is sleeping. So, with prayer and more of a dedicated focus on trying to conceive, taking some maca and red clover and more prayer, maybe we’ll have another baby. Just maybe. Please Lord.

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