Little Kiddos

I think this is the last post for catching up. DSC_0082 Sweet LeahDSC_0083Leah, your cute little mouth reminds me of your big sister Stephanie’s look when she was little (now 20 and in Florida).   DSC_0111 Little AnnaDSC_0116What a beautiful girl you are!     DSC_0137 DSC_0142 You look like a cute little 2 year old here.  : ) DSC_0152

Caught red handed! Matthew and Leah snuck out of their rooms early one morning and raided the kitchen cabinets. They left their stuffed animals and some of the food for evidence.  DSC_0168 Eating at the table –  no more high chairs! DSC_0181 Pretty, little Anna again.  DSC_0183 DSC_0191 Little miss Tabitha. DSC_0193 Tabitha’s quirky look.

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