Twins Birthday from July

Well, I suppose it’s time to play catch up on a couple of posts here. Here are some pictures of the twins in July. 


Anna sleeping so peacefully, she actually had me worried. Both of the girls are climbing out of their cribs now so we will most likely be disassembling the cribs in the next few days so they don’t get hurt. I am saddened that we would be putting them away already. It seems like yesterday when we bought Elisabeth her crib (the other one that Tabitha is in). I am just sentimental about putting it down.  : (  It’s hard to believe that in 10 to 12 years we could be pulling it out again for her babies!  DSC_0010

I made apricot cake for the girls. Here it is cooling down.


Waiting anxiously for their cake.

DSC_0016 DSC_0024

Anna trying to get Tabitha’s cake.


Looks delicious!


Cute, little Tabitha.

2 thoughts on “Twins Birthday from July

  1. Enjoying the updates, such sweet little people. They are changing so quickly. The apricot sponge cake looks delicious, do you think you might have time to post the recipe?

    • Hi Sofia, actually I just used a cake recipe from my old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook… I think for a yellow cake. I pureed some apricots, some stevia, sugar and vanilla and added some to the batter and saved some to put on the cake. You can use any cake recipe and do the same. : ) Oops, it looks like I have either whipped cream on the cake or a frosting with egg whites, butter, a little cream, vanilla and powdered sugar.

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