To Mourn with Those Who Mourn

Update: You can donate here for Tommy’s funeral:

More on Susanna and family tragedy:

When I found out about Susanna and the drowning, I was in shock and pain. Today I am just hurting and hurting so much for her. I have cried off and on and have little tolerance for the kids today… the small stuff, when something so big has happened.



My dear friend Susanna in Pennsylvania whom I have known for 7 years now has lost a very dear child today to an accidental drowning. His name was Tommy and he had a very special story I’d like to share first. His mommy found him in an orphanage in Pleven, Bulgaria. He was 16 years old but in a body of a 3 year old. The other children there were like this too as they were severely disabled and malnourished and neglected. The staff at the orphanage were so neglectful that they would only feed the children with a feeding tube. They never brushed their teeth or did the simplest care for them. Susanna had already adopted Katie from this orphanage to add to her large family of 13 or so children . Katie was on her deathbed a couple of years ago or so and is now thriving wonderfully. You wouldn’t believe her story or pictures. Susanna has raised thousands of dollars to help get as many children out of this orphanage as possible over the past 3 or 4 years. She has flown there several times and was a great influence and part of the director of the orphanage to be fired from her position. She has changed lives, many lives completely. But today her life has changed. Tommy, her son who she was absolutely heart struck over has passed away today. I am just devastated for her today. My husband and I cried when we found out the news today. This woman is a true mother to orphans and has the heart and devoted love of a Mother Teresa. We need to pray for her and her family. I know she’ll never be the same and it hurts me to think of the pain she is going through at this very moment. Anguish.

If you have it in your heart to send her a card about Tommy or send them a little money for the funeral, please do so. Their budget is tight and they live on a meager income. Their home address is on their website here: 

Thank you for your prayers for this sweet lady and her family whom we love. We are just heartbroken for them.


More on Susanna and family:

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