Dad’s First Batch of Honey

Well, after 4 years or so dad got his first batch of honey… and a good one at that. He brought in over 2 gallons from his first frame. In about a week we may have some more. DSC_0094Pretty honey comb filled with honey. This is still capped with beeswax. DSC_0096 DSC_0098 DSC_0100Dad’s extractor. Our neighbor who is into bees too has a friend in Western Washington who no longer maintains bee hives who wanted to give away much of his bee equipment. Our neighbor shared that he knew someone who would be happy to take it off of his hands. He brought over a trailer full of boxes of hives with frames, a bee suit and this extractor…. all for free!!! What a blessing! Matthew cleaned up this extractor and finished it up with a cleaning with oil. It works beautifully. DSC_0105The little honeybee who doesn’t want to leave… DSC_0109Capping the comb. DSC_0112Glistening, golden colored honey. DSC_0119Daddy turning the extractor and the honey pouring out. DSC_0123 DSC_0127The finished product.DSC_0008Beautiful raw honeyDSC_0009Happy daddy. He loves his bees.   : )  We’re grateful for the honey they provide. This is fun!

2 thoughts on “Dad’s First Batch of Honey

  1. Oh wow! That looks so yummy! I have been trying to talk the boys into having a small hive with me. Maybe some day!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the process…love it! And what a blessing to receive all the supplies!

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