The Willow Trees

My husband and I were walking down the hill towards our house after our evening walk the other night. We both saw the same thing… how much more open the beautiful view of the lake and how much more open the home would look with the willow trees gone. We both knew that it would be the greatest thing that we could do on the outside of the house to help in the sale of our home. And we are all about selling this home so we can buy a home in full with no mortgage. So, my husband got his tiller combination wood chipper fixed nearby and started with the hardest tree first…. the one that wants to fall by the tennis court. DSC_0015

He had already started removing the tree when I took the first picture.DSC_0018See the view that someone can have when they buy this home? I personally love willow trees… especially on a nice farm, but for someone who wants a lake house, most people are going to want clean and open views. DSC_0023See how much room they take up? Anyone will be able to see the house so much more when they are down. DSC_0025Daddy doing some prep work and planning…DSC_0026

Oh, I didn’t like seeing my husband up here. I haven’t seen him do anything dangerous since we’ve had children.  : (  I was praying… DSC_0027Here he is making a bow cut in the tree. I believe he did the other side as well. He has fallen trees for many people in years past, but I sure didn’t feel good about watching him. I was so scared that he might get crushed under the tree. DSC_0036 DSC_0043Here’s the first tree down. It had started pouring while my poor husband was just finishing up. You can see how much it opens things up. I will take some more pictures once the area is more cleaned up. It looks great! Not only do we have no regrets, the results have exceeded our expectations. We are both looking forward to when the second tree comes down. It will truly open things up incredibly.


2 thoughts on “The Willow Trees

  1. Hi Hadassah! I’ve really enjoyed your latest posts and pictures! Congratulations on losing 25 lbs, and in such a short time. Amazing what your husband can do too…wow, taking down those willow trees! But I bet you’re right…they were blocking the view and most people would probably prefer the view. Too bad the willow trees weren’t somewhere else on your property instead!

    • Hi Missy! Yes, that’s what I said too… I wished that our trees were up by the barn. They are so pretty and I love how the branches flow in the wind. Matthew still has the big willow tree to take down. I think it will come down this week after the first one gets cleaned up. I will take some pictures of before and after, it is such a huge tree! I will really be nervous when he takes that one down but I am glad it is really leaning down the hill towards the water and that he knows what he is doing.

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