The Turtle, Reading and a Haircut

DSC_0001Here you go Lady Violet (one of my commenters)!  Here’s a Western Painted turtle that my husband found two days ago. Isn’t he or she pretty? DSC_0004 DSC_0007Long nails… Is this a boy or a girl? I don’t remember what you shared.DSC_0008 DSC_0012This should actually be first on this post but this is how the pictures lined up. Elisabeth has read each and every one of these reading books. She has read over 1500 pages between all of these. She is now on her last 3rd grade reader book and she’s only in the 2nd grade! We only read together for 15 minutes a day. Home schooling can be done with little time but with consistency. She has had a homemade yummy treat every time she finishes a book. The others get to indulge too… And of course with Hannah and Matthew finishing books, momma had to keep making yum yums for them.  : )  They all enjoyed our neighbors raspberries with cream on them. We’re just so proud of her reading capability. DSC_0014DSC_0001And not so happy Chops getting a haircut. It isn’t his favorite thing to do! We love you little Matthew!


6 thoughts on “The Turtle, Reading and a Haircut

  1. So proud of you, Elizabeth. Keep on reading! It’s one of the best ways to learn. And it certainly opens your mind up to help you communicate better, learn new words, and create new ideas.

    Just caught up on all the different pictures that you posted recently. Everyone looks wonderful. Hope you are all happy!

  2. Good job Elizabeth!!! I love little Matthews face it looks like a picture I remember when he was just a baby same eyebrow frown, I can’t believe Matthew and Hadassah are already 5 time sure does fly when you are busy with kids.

  3. Hey, what a beautiful creature. I would say that this is a girl. My boy turtle’s nails are almost 2 cms long. How wonderful that you have such a good reader. Well done, Elisabeth. Whilst reading you are mentally taking note of sentance structure, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, etc. You are also letting your imagination fly and soon you will be able to write your own stories. Hadassah, I just love all those photos, what a beautiful experience to be able to live here. God has truly blessed you all.

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