Last Month

Here are some pictures from the last month – I put too many pictures on the post and am having trouble writing a description on the last pictures because it crashes. I will try to get it to work somehow or make a new post with the last pictures tomorrow.  DSC_0012Pretty rainbowDSC_0017Kids coloring… Hannah, you put your headband on the wrong spot silly. DSC_0024Momma’s new bookDSC_0056Our turkeys… we lost one to a predator last month. My husband could not find her when it was time for her to come in in the evening. One of the kids found her wing nearby. : (  They are really big now. DSC_0060Our sweet twins… coming up on two. DSC_0061Anna is the one on the left who is pointing. Tabitha on the right. DSC_0066 DSC_0069Sweet AnnaDSC_0085Some of Daddy’s bee pollen. DSC_0096A wonderful gift from our neighbors… A huge box of raspberries from last year. Super fresh still. We enjoyed a lot of them in muffins last month. DSC_0105Hannah enjoying some of the flowers they picked from our yard.

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