Well it’s official – I’m on a juice fast now. I’ve been juicing off and on ( store bought) for a couple of weeks now. Sometimes a couple of days and then a salad and then another day and then another salad. My body has detoxed and I’m glad it’s over. I thought I had the flu a few times as my bones, especially my facial bones, would just ache.

I got my juicer yesterday and had my first crown put on a tooth today. They did a wonderful job. I took a frozen juice to drink on the way home. I feel so calm, so relaxed and at ease… it’s incredible. I don’t know how long I will fast on juice, I may need a salad now and then. But, I will only be juicing, eating an occasional salad or smoothie until I get down a good 65 pounds. I will make a new page/tab on this blog to put my progress… It will be fun. I am super excited. It’s been since 2004 since I’ve been on a diet but this is different and for so many different reasons…

I’ll be posting the regular pictures soon. I’m getting into my new normal for a while. I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.  : )

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