A friend of mine from Iowa (Hi Mary), asked to see some pictures of me.  I guess since I am the one always taking the pictures, there just aren’t too many of me.  I don’t think there’s been one since we lived in Iowa.  Anyways, here are some pictures that I had my husband take of me just a couple of days ago.


I have just switched to wearing eyeglasses. Well, I am trying to. I bought them from Zenni Optical for $21.00 total and have 2 pairs. I have a strong prescription so it was recommended that I order high index glasses, if you know what that means. I declined as I wasn’t too concerned about them looking thick on the edges. But come to find out,  my vision on the sides is severely limited. So, I am back to wearing my contacts until my new glasses with the thin lenses arrives. Still, a good pair for under $50.00 isn’t bad. This is my granny pair of glasses. I actually think I like the way they look better than the ones down below (that I just ordered). But, they are a bit too wide.  : (  So, it may take a while before I find the right frames… I can always order non prescription to try to find the right frames for under $7.00 in the future from Zenni Optical.


Second pair….

 What has been going on with me? Well, not the best news… I try to keep these things out of the blog until necessary. Remember Matthew’s gallbladder troubles a year and a half ago? Well, he came home from his surgery then and my gallbladder started acting up. Yes, it’s been going on for a long time. Right now we’re guessing that it’s just sludge as they call it. I haven’t had stones pass yet or I’d be in the pain my husband has been in. I just get bad stomach aches and horrible nausea… Usually it only lasts off and on for a couple of weeks at the most. But, lately it’s been pretty bad and reoccurring more frequently . I’ve been to the doctor about it (last November), but then it went away, then came back over and over again. He shared that the next step they would do is something to do with dye… it is a pretty accurate test and will catch what the ultrasound doesn’t and didn’t. So, Monday I will be calling the doctors to get things moving in the direction of removal of my gallbladder.

I was also recently diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. Most likely from having all these lovely babies. So, my insides just aren’t feeling well these days at all.  : (  Hopefully by Summer, I will be feeling well again as the Summers here are just gorgeous.

So, that’s my personal news. Nothing too exciting….  : )   Things are a bit hard lately with the kids and it’s getting to Matthew and me. The babies want to be held all the time and if they aren’t being held (all 3 of them), they scream!!! The older kids are sweet and great in some areas, but don’t ask them to do a thing or else…. grrrr…… I miss spending quality time with the olders. I was just talking to Matthew tonight about taking the two girls aside once a week to do something “special” together. Make a cake, do some sewing or something else fun. The babies take up a lot of our time and I know that they will be babies for a while yet. The girls are just starting to get older that they could use more personal time with Mommy and Matthew and Leah can be with Daddy during that time while he works up at the barn.

Quiet times… I often contemplate how things have changed since my grandparents walked on this earth. Grandfather born in 1910 and grandmother born in 1914. They passed in 1996 and 2001. I think of where we’re at today compared to where they were and what they saw (though they saw a lot – Depression, grandfather a Sergeant in WWII in the South Pacific). But people were different then. People were different when I was a child. Maybe this is all a common part of aging too. We can’t help but see the differences and either be in joy, peace and comfort about the future for our children and grandchildren or be deeply concerned and somewhat sad. It’s such a age we live in with such change, unstability, detachments and in some cases, turmoil. But, it only draws the Christian to seek the Lord all the more in his despondency about things. And we are able to be united with a few believers here and there in deeper relationships than we could if all was so well. There’s a lot to talk about and pray about amongst each other now, isn’t there?  : )  …. and yet, we go on and plant gardens, raise kids, see kids off and get married and so forth. The human spirit is fragile but yet finds it’s own place and comforts in just living life while things around him continue to change at a disheartening pace.

So, I think I’m getting older. I’ll be 44 on the 10th of this month. I cant’ wait until I’m 60. Though I don’t like where the world is going, I like where I am going and like who I’m becoming (this is a lot to say from someone who hasn’t like herself much of her life). I’m so grateful for my husband and our like mindedness. When the closest and most beloved people to me have come against me, he has given me comfort by guiding me back to how we both see God, the Scriptures and how we are to live life pertaining to them. He is my dearest friend and companion. Our children and their love for me at times, overwhelms me in a good way. They are so dear to me and again, it goes back to my husband. I am so grateful that we are like minded that we can raise our children in unity on the big things. It does wonders for my heart that’s been hurting for years for my older children ages 20 and 25 whom I couldn’t raise the way I wanted to because I didn’t marry unto the Lord.

So while life is still broken from those years before, I have hope in the Lord. I have hope in my future and hope for our children’s future and that no matter how bad things get, the Lord will always gather His people to others who are His for strength and encouragement, true brotherly love and helps.

Thanks for listening…


One thought on “Mommy

  1. You look lovely! Thanks for sharing yourself from the outside and the inside. You have a tender heart that ponders so many things. Mostly I’m glad to hear you like yourself. That is Gods love surrounding you. Praying for peace and good health!…and Tom says hello!

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