More Kiddo Pictures

I have been having so much trouble with the long posts, that I have decided to break the posts up a bit.


Leah, you are being silly again.  : )






Thoughtful Leah…


Tabitha and Anna eating graham crackers.


Anna eating some noodles, eggs and bananas for lunch.


Messy noodles…





Mmmm, homemade Ganache.  Ganache is the real rich chocolate cream that is nestled in between homemade layered chocolate cake. It is firmer than frosting and much richer and very yummy.  Mommy always has a little stash of Ghiradelli chocolate chips 60% dark on hand so one day I decided that by making homemade ganache, the addition of cream would actually help me cut down on the consumption of sugar that I eat with just the chips alone. Well, I ate more ganache than I would have if I would have just stuck with my few chocolate chips each day. It was so good though. I put some on a graham cracker one day.



One thought on “More Kiddo Pictures

  1. Leah, little darling! It is so fun to come here and check out pictures of the children and the surroundings. Sending love to all of you! The children are growing so quickly!!!

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